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Heart Attack----Not!

I’ve been in a bit of a blog funk lately, mainly because I am still not completely back to normal health wise. I hate colds because it always stirs up my asthma and that slows the whole getting well process down. Seems there is always a cough to deal with for several weeks. The last couple days have been better so I think I may kick this thing yet.
John has recovered from his cold but this week will have an umbilical hernia repaired. This showed up a couple months ago and at his physical they decided now is the time to deal with this so off to the surgeon for the consult he went. Everything else on his physical was great. His BP is good and his cholesterol etc. is also very good. However, because of his age the surgeon wanted a pre-surgical EKG.  The next day we get a call that the EKG indicates John has had a heart attack at some point and they want him to return to his doc to check it out. What??? John’s has never had any symptoms, his blood  work is great (cholesterol  only 170) so …

So this is Iowa????

We left the rainy Northwest in early April and traveled back to the even rainier state of Iowa. This is not at all the way it should be! We expected lots of rain in Oregon and Washington but Iowa has out done them all. This is the rainiest spring in Iowa on record. In May it rained 21 days of the month and I think most of the other were overcast. There has been significant flooding once again, however the city was much more prepared than in 2008. I long for some beautiful sunny days.
Along with the dreary weather came colds for John and me. We have struggled the last couple weeks. I ended up at urgent care last week with ear and sinus infection as a result and today back to my regular doc because my asthma is acting up. So after antibiotics, lots of ibupofen, decongestants, and now predisone and albuterol I am hoping there are better days ahead. I actually have had things to blog about but no energy to do it.

Memorial Day John’s brother came to visit. Walt usually takes a little time in…