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Back in Iowa

I seem to be back to my scattered self and intermitent blogging. When we are in Iowa sometimes it feels as if we never left and life takes on a routine pace. We are not working this summer and that seems a little strange after two summers working at the ball park. We wanted to be more available to help with our granddaughter and with John now on Social Security we have enough to get by financially. This winter was the least expensive of any winter previously so that helps too. 

We've actually been here about a month and as usual it's always pretty busy when we first arrive, This year we had the wedding of one of my sons' (both of them actually) friends to get back for. My youngest son Mitch was officiating and my granddaughter was the flower girl. They both did a great job and it was fun seeing Adam and Crystal start their married life together. It's hard to believe all those boys who were in and out of my house all those years are now grown men. Guess that means I'…