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An Interesting Spring

We finally got out of Deming after 2 weeks with the emissions system fixed and no alarms went off  even after we added new DEF to the tank. Yea!!! This detour meant my plans for a week or two in Elephant Butte were out the door. We decided it was better to move on towards Alabama so that if we had anymore trouble we had a buffer. My nephew Alex was getting married April 9th and I didn't want anything else stopping us from getting there. We did make a couple stops.

The first was in Stockton, Texas at the Hilltop RV park. A very nice little park in an area where there are not too many places to stay, also it's spring break time so the state parks and some of the private parks are full. Next stop was Kerrville Texas in the hill country. We have been in this area before and decided to stay at a park that many have recommended, Buckhorn RV Park. It definitely lived up to its reputation. We were able to stay 4 days but again spring break got in the way and the weekend was booked s…