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Time to move north

The month has flown by and the temps have risen here in Phoenix. It's been great having a nice warm winter but 90+ even in a "dry heat" is a little too warm for us northern folks so it is definitely time to move north. Tomorrow we will move just a little north to Dead Horse Ranch State park. We will only be there a couple nights then it will be on to Lake Powell for a little more than a week and then Moab Utah for a week. So our move north will be gradual and looking at the forecasts for these areas, it looks to be a little cooler.

The month here has been great and full of fun activities. We went to 4 baseball games,an NHL game, two RV shows and a jazz festival. There is still much more we could have done and more people we could have visited. We will try to catch them next time. 

Our time with Kevin and Evelyn was great and we look forward to seeing them again down the road. Time with Char and Bill was also a treat. They are planning their next move and it was fun to hear…

Sunny Arizona

This month we are staying at the Leaf Verde Resort in Buckeye AZ just on the west edge of the Phoenix metro area. The weather has been very warm and sunny. We have had a couple scattered cloudy days and just a tiny bit of rain but the temps have been above average by about 10 degrees all month. These warm sunny days with cool nights suit us just fine. I will say it is getting a bit warm for these northern folk and we look forward to heading north at the end of the month. There are lots of fun places on deck for next month too!

This month has been a very laid back pace. We’ve been to 2  Milwaukee Brewer spring training games with Kevin and Evelyn. What a great way to spend a day. We have tickets to one more game next Saturday. It’s great to be able to spend some time with them. We also have tickets to a Coyote NHL game on the 30th that they are joining us for. Always wanted to see a NHL game so I can’t wait. With our tickets to the Spring Training games we were able to get $10 off each …

Winter in the Desert and Lovin’ it

I haven’t written much and my only excuse is I am so enjoying it in Arizona I just haven’t taken the time. The month in Tucson was great. We hiked, we biked, we caught up with some friends, visited several microbreweries and just in general enjoyed ourselves. So I’ll catch you up a little.

Most of our hiking was just out the back of our RV park. The county land and Tucson Mountain Park offer wonderful trails and by the end we actually had a sense of where things were. That’s pretty good for someone who is directionally challenged. I did use my Map My Run app just to make sure we were on track but our last couple of hikes I think we would have done just fine without it. The desert here is beautiful, just filled with such a variety of cactus and brush. Some began to bloom from the recent rains and that was fun to see. I particularly love the Teddy Bear (Jumping) cholla. They look all fuzzy from a distance but they are certainly not a bear that needs to be hugged. :)

About mid-month fellow…