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Stuck in Deming NM

We are currently parked in the Escapees Dream Catcher's Park in Deming New Mexico. This was an unexpected stop and is shaping up to be a long one. We left Benson last Sunday expecting to spend a week at a favorite campground in Elephant Butte NM but around the NM border the truck dinged a message that something was wrong with the DEF system (Diesel Exhaust Fluid is injected into the exhaust to control some polutants) and we had 200 miles to get to a dealer to have it checked. After 200 miles the truck would go into a limp mode and only go 5 mph. John was aware that some people had some trouble with these from his time online on the TDR forum. For most trucks it was either bad DEF or the sensor wasn't working. We had just filled the DEF before leaving so we knew we had plenty but now wondered if it was a bad batch. At 98 miles we were coming up at Deming and checked that there was a dealer there and we were familiar with the Escapees park there too. We had stayed here a couple…

Happy Valentine's Day

Can't believe we are in the middle of the month already, just seems to fly by. We are currently at the Escapees Saguaro Co-Op park in Benson AZ. Our original intention was to stay one week and just maybe two. Well two it was until our mail didn't arrive at the post office by Friday, so let's make it 3 weeks. Hopefully we will be ready to move on a week from today. The good part is we really like this park and are on their hot list for a lease. Our number is well down the list and we still are not certain where we will land but being on the list makes this a possibility several years out. ( we are currently  #207).

It is a quiet park with lots of nice people but not as much to do as where we were in Yuma or Tucson. There are some good trails adjacent to the park that are good hikes, not so good for my running. Tried it and took a fall, just a little road rash but decided they are not for running, at least for me. One of the great features of this park is the workshop John …