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While in Coeur d'Alene, I was checking online for things to do in the area and came across a tour of an Alpaca ranch. Being the fiber, knitting junkie that I am, I knew exactly what we were going to do. I contacted the farm online to see if they were having tours, turns out it was Alpaca farm weekend so we could just come out to the farm anytime 10-4 and check things out, normally the tours are $10 each. So on Saturday the sun came out (which was a good sign) and off we went to the Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch.

It was a beautiful drive into the mountains, and thank goodness for GPS to help us find it. Since it was a special weekend we thought there would some other visitors but we drove in to find we were the only visitors so we ended up getting a private tour. Andy and his wife own the farm and are transplants from Alaska. The farm is beautiful and immaculately kept (as farms go). They have about 30 Alpacas along with 2 Llamas, 2 Angora goats, an Icelandic sheep and a couple other r…


This is a little after the fact but sometimes these blogs run around in my head but I lack the discipline to sit down and put them on paper (or in this case the computer). We are in Missoula now and are headed towards Portland. John has had this destination on his list for awhile so since he's the driver, that's where we will go. I have us set up for 2 weeks at the Columbia River Resort. We read that it is easy to use public transportation to go into the city so that's our plan. I'm not complaining as it is a mecca for yarn shoppers and I love, love , love yarn shops!

So back to Yellowstone. It seems fitting that we visit this park, the first National Park on the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. We have been close to this park on several occasions over the last 6 years but for one reason or another we were unable to spend time here. I planned a week and really that is not enough time but the RV parks in this area are pricey and we are pushing the season…

What I've learned from my granddaughter

Life Pro Tips is a topic on Reddit that collects the wisdom of people that have lived life and want to pass on a few of the things they've learned. But what would you call it if you get your tips from a three year old? I call it Life According to Evie. Or maybe: From the Mouths of Babes (although she would be quick to point out that she is not a baby, she's a big girl.)
When she was two, she taught me that when things go south, no matter how guilty you are you should hold your hands over your mouth, act surprised and say "Oh no, how did that happen?" When she was three she came up with this gem: "That's ok; that happens sometimes." I'm guessing she heard it from her mother or her dad, but she applies it with a broad brush. Anything that might be described with a preface of "uh-oh" is quickly followed by "That's ok; that happens sometimes." It's used to offer absolution and forgiveness, and to move on. Even if it was your…

Black Hawk SP and the Black Hills

It's been a great week even though the weather has been a bit iffy. After visiting with friends in Omaha (thanks for a great visit Judi, Al, Dixie and Dan) we ventured back into Iowa to visit our oldest son Gabe and his wife Melissa. Seems the summer passes and we never get enough time with them. They recommended a new spot for us to camp at, Black Hawk State Park on Black Hawk Lake in Lake View IA, about 20 miles south of their home in Early.  I reserved a site on the lakefront for a couple nights. The signage into this park is not great but we finally found our way there. The roads are a bit tight and when we found our spot and tried to park, it was going to be a bit tight because of 2 trees and then these crazy posts with the site numbers that made backing in impossible. Called the ranger and explained our dilemma, he said we could pull the problem post out. Really? He could tell I was skeptical and said he was on his way to the campground and he would stop by. Yep, the posts c…