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Need a bonding moment with your sons? We’ve always found a good Sci Fi movie is the best way to go. This season Avatar is the new movie getting all the press for the next big thing. It is way cool. My rating would be a solid A+. And you get to wear a pair of cool glasses while you watch the movie in 3D. Bonus. By the end of the movie, you’re rooting for the big blue aliens and you want the mean capitalists to give it up and go home. I don’t want to give anything away because you’ll want to see it for yourself. I predict a sequel.
Now this is a bonding moment!

Thanksgiving in the new RV

The RV was on order, the hitch was installed in the truck, the financing and insurance was all arranged, and we had packed the stuff we thought we would need for a short stay. We were like new parents just waiting for the main event.
Thanksgiving is when we usually get together with my older brother and his family at either their place or ours. This year it was at their place in Northwest Missouri. My brother can sometimes join us, but he had already bailed for this year. When we got the call, we found out we could take delivery a few days before Thanksgiving so we sent our regrets and headed for Couler Valley in Dubuque, about an hour and a half from where we live.
We actually went twice. The first time was to sign the papers promising to pay for it, but we were able to get a quick tour of our new home. It was still in their shop for the initial checkout and it looked awesome. We were able to order a couple max air vents we had read about on the forums, but otherwise it was everythin…