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Saga of a new truck Part 2

Captain's Log: Atlanta State Park, Texas
Our first trip in the new truck went flawlessly, right up to when we arrived at Atlanta State Park, still in Texas thankfully, about a hundred miles north of Tyler. The trailer had followed along behind the truck and had stopped when it was supposed to. The truck had plenty of power and it was an easy tow, so I wasn't expecting any surprises, but I got one anyway . As I exited the truck, I could smell the trailer brakes. Never a good sign. I could also hear the trailer's brake actuator humming when it should have been quietly off. I felt each wheel to confirm all four trailer brakes were hot. Good thing we were going to be here awhile.
So back to Tyler to visit the Dodge dealer. I explained the problem and hoped for the best. What I got instead was a report that the truck's computer declared everything was fine. The guy I spoke to said since nothing was broken, there was nothing to fix. But what about the hot trailer brakes? Wel…

Saga of a new truck Part 1

A lot has happened since my last post. I want John to tell the story so there will be 2 posts from him and then tomorrow I will add a short post about the places we've stayed. Its been a little stressful.....

Captain's Log: Somewhere in Texas

Somewhere being Tyler Texas, or close to it in Tyler State Park. Beautiful park and great weather, but instead of enjoying the fishing, I decided to take the truck in to the Tyler Dodge dealer to see if they could fix my growly sound coming from under the truck. I rarely fish anyway, and the sound may have been getting worse. I had already paid a guy in Florida to replace the rear bearings and all four brakes were new but it was still growling. The only thing that seemed to help was turning the radio up, but that wasn't going to end well.
I took the service guy from the Dodge dealer for a ride, and after several miles he said he had no idea what the noise was but it sounded really bad. Maybe if I left the truck there for a couple of day…