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Figuring out this unplugged lifestyle

We’ve been here at Canyon Creek for just over a week and we are beginning to feel settled in. The park is ok but in a great location. Winters is the nearest town and it is about 10 miles east of us on a very curvy road. This little town is actually a real gem. It has several good restaurants. ‘Preserves’ is mainly a bar but has a unique menu with gourmet cheeses and a jalapeno jelly they make themselves. They have about 20 beers on tap, many are crafted beers including several from a local microbrew started by the people who own the Berryesa Gap winery. Chueys is a Mexican restaurant that is excellent and Putah Cafe is a great place for breakfast. There is a steak place called Buckhorns that we will check out eventually. Actually our favorite spot is a little coffee shop called Steady Eddy’s. They have free wifi, great coffee and a great breakfast panini John and I share. That is where this post most likely will be made.  So we like this little town and we are enjoying the people John…

Canyon Creek Unplugged

Sitting at a coffee shop in Winter Ca using there free wifi. We have arrived at our work camping spot. This is beautiful membership park but the parking is tight. Took a little doing but we got in our spot. When John did the phone interview he really didn't ask many questions so we found out that really all 24 hours expected from us are his, as a carpenters assistant. The good thing is he met his supervisor, Larry, and I think he will enjoy the work.
Here's the challenge for me. There is no cell signal in the park so no internet in the rig, can connect via ethernet in the lounge. They are working on a wi-fi but it won't be up and running for 4-5 weeks. No tv signal so we may have to get satellite tv, maybe we'll see.
So take care and we will post as we can.
Happy trails....................