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Post and changes

Hi  everyone just posted right before this but had to publish without many of the photos. I am encountering numerous issues with blogger. It doesn't want to play well with my iPad nor my kindle fire so I have made a decision to move the blog to Word Press. I am usually able to post text on blogger so when I get th site going and make the first post I will post a link here. My frustrations with blogger are part of why I haven't been posting much. I am hoping this move will work well. I read there is a little bit of a learning curve with Word Press but I am sure I can figure this out. Until then
Happy Trails.....................

Fall has arrived

The summer flew by and we are most certainly into fall and I am ready to head south. We have had a beautiful fall here in Iowa which has made staying later than usual an ok thing but its definitely turning cooler. Work didn't end until mid September because the Kernels (minor league A) made all the way to the championship game in their league. We didn't win that series but it was fun to watch them thru the playoffs. We don't plan on working next summer because it just didn't work well with our granddaughter's schedule since she is in daycare every day now and we felt we just didn't get enough Evie time. We will miss the people we work with as that was the best part of this job. Next year we will just have to visit them while they work! 

The other activity consuming our time has been the renovation of the rig which is an ongoing project. We have come a long way. We have new hickory floors in the all but the livingroom slides and the stairs. We are waiting for car…