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Quick update

I know I haven't blogged in awhile so I thought I'd give you a quick update. We are in a countdown mode to my son's wedding this Saturday.  We have lists of things to do and wrote out a schedule to help us keep it straight. It got a little crazier today as Melissa's (the bride) grandmother was taken to the hospital last night and is undergoing some tests which is extra stress for the family. We have lots of family and friends helping out so I told them to remember this will come off as planned. 

We moved from the Morgan Creek park today and tried to get a spot at the park where the wedding will be but the site we wanted was taken and we tried another but the sites are so un-level that we gave up and moved to Squaw Creek where we usually stay. It isn't that far from the wedding venue so it will still work. I did the driving again today and I feel a little more comfortable with it. One thing we have found is that it goes smoother with me parking. I think its because J…

Time for me to learn to drive this rig.

Yesterday we moved back to Morgan Creek park (about a 15 mile drive) and I drove the rig! We have always said that I needed to start doing this but I never seem to do it. The first year I think John just felt he needed to get proficient at all the driving & parking things before he had me do it and then we just got lazy. It was just easier for him to do it. Recently friends of our that we met in Tucson, John and Terri had a very harrowing experience that reminded us why we both need to be able to drive this rig. John they think had a seizure while driving, luckily not towing but still it is amazing that they survived it. What this meant is that now Terri had to do the driving back to their former home town Sacramento and like me she had not done much driving. She did great and they are now coming off the road and starting a new phase of life. All of John's test look good so far and we wish him the best and hope that it was just a one time isolated incidence. (here is the link …