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Wonderful Wisconsin Week

Last week we hitched up and headed to the great state of Wisconsin. It was nice to be out on the road again. I’ve been starting to get hitch itch so this was a nice little side trip with the rig to soothe that itch. My cousin Kay lives in Waukesha and her eldest daughter Emily graduated from high school earlier this summer. This weekend was her celebration party and I really wanted to be there. Looking at the map I realized this was not too far from where  RV friends of ours are camp hosting. After talking to Evelyn and Kevin, I knew this was going to be a great trip. We would stay at the park they host and go to Waukesha for the grad party and as a bonus visit with cousins of John’s that live in the Madison area.

The Tuesday we were supposed to leave we had to wait until John had his follow up appointment with the surgeon.  When we woke up it was storming, lots of rain and grey. So we started to get ready but decided to leave most of the work until after his appointment. That was a go…

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I can’t find any better description than that. Days like today make me think of the song from good ‘ole Mr. Rodgers. The last several days actually have been pretty incredible. After weeks of rain the sun has come out, the humidity has been reasonable and there has been a nice breeze. My walks have stretched out to several miles as all I really want to do is stay outside.
John is recovering from his hernia surgery and doing very well. Surgeon said it was easy peasy and by his two week check (next Tuesday) he should be back to normal. Lifting really was his only restriction once the anesthesia wore off. He only took his pain meds the first 24 hours; what a guy!

The Freedom Festival has begun here in Cedar Rapids, it’s actually almost 2 weeks long with lots of different events. We are trying to do several of them. One of the first ones was Sand in the City, a sand sculpture event. It’s amazing what people make out of sand as you can see in the photos. The weather was not great for this so…