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Captain's Log: Welcome to Honduras

I think most of us like to think we're positive people: we try to put a good
spin on things and keep the whining to a minimum. Sometimes this might
require that we gloss over the details or soldier on in silence. But what
would happen if we were faced with real adversity, not just a bad hair day
but the kind of soul crushing stuff that threatens your very existence. The
kind of stuff that could kill you. Would it even matter if the glass was half
full or half empty?

Our tour guide for our bus trip to visit a farm in Honduras introduced himself
 as Oscar something, but claimed everyone has called him Smiley since he was
just a little boy growing up in Cuba. He certainly seemed cheerful enough to
be called Smiley. The bus was an old school bus from the States. It still had the
school name on the side. Smiley was pointing out some of the local historical
stuff (Christopher Columbus actually landed in Honduras on his fourth trip to
the new world and there was a fort that dated back to that …

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy......

Remember that John Denver song? It’s one of my favorites and it is so true. One of the things I have learned about myself in the last couple of years is that I need the sunshine. We have had several marvelous days here at Canyon Lake and even extended our stay a day. I don’t think I am ready to leave the hill country just yet so we are modifying our plans... oh wait we don’t have a plan... Yeah!!!!!!! Tomorrow we are going to move but just a little ways up to Blanco State Park. Our Texas State Park pass doesn’t expire until mid March so I want to take advantage of it. This park has FHU sites too which is just a bonus. Tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day but then a storm is coming through, Thursday and Friday look pretty nasty but the extended forecast  looks like the sun will return. It may not be as warm but as long as the sun is out I’m good. The good thing is if that proves not to be true we can move on to the west.

We have even considered returning to this park for anot…

A Quest to Find the Sun

So, we finally found the sun! It meant going all the way to the Caribbean but we found it. We left Houston on a cold rainy day, about the way it seems like it has been most of November and December. This is very reminiscent of our last winter in Florida. On Monday (a week ago) we woke up to find ourselves docked in Cozumel Mexico and hallelujah the sun was shinning. Ahhhhhhh.............

In Cozumel the ship is able to dock in the port so off the ship and on to our first excursion. Looking for some relaxation in the sun, we chose to go to Playa Mia which is a beach park. We found some beach chairs and sat in the sun with our Kindles and it was beautiful. We had to be careful about sitting in the sun so it wasn’t long before we moved to some shade. These lily white northern folk know better than to bake too long and luckily we only got a little red. Totally worth it to get some sunshine.

Tuesday when we woke up we were anchored in the harbor of Belize City. Today’s adventure was the Bacab…