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Lazy Saturday

Praire in Bloom
It is another gray quiet day. We had a pretty intense storm last night. The lightning was incredibly close and there was hail for a short period. I get pretty nervous during the storms and John seems to think that is funny since when we were living in the house I use to stand outside and watch the storm come in. There is something about having a basement to retreat to that made that a little easier. I actually think my anxiety has increased since we went through a storm on our visit to Smith Center, KS to visit the Excel factory. John wrote about that experience and if you want a good chuckle you 'll have to read his entry about The Visit.
The things on our to do list are mainly outside right now. We want to wash and wax the rig but it seems like most of our days off are too rainy or incredibly hot so it may have to wait awhile yet. We also need to do some organizing of closets and storage spaces and I may tackle on of those today but maybe not being lazy has its own…

Guess what--still raining!

I bet you are tired of that title. I know I'm tired of the subject- rain so that is all we will say about that. The days are flying past and our traveling days are quickly approaching. We are still trying to get all our ducks in a row. John is finishing up dental work and still has a colonoscopy and derm screening before we leave. I'm still working out where I am going to get my one prescription on the road - I could actually do an over the counter as it is the generic of Prilosec but it is a cheaper for me as a script and a little stronger than the OTC.

I ordered the invitations for the retirement party this weekend and John wrote a letter we are going to send our friends that we don't have emails for. It will kind of be a Christmas in August letter. The party is August 27th at the shelter at Morgan Creek. I have to say as the time gets closer it gets a little harder for me emotionally. I am excited for the future but at the same time saying good bye to the kids and my fri…

It's raining again

Well, I am stuck inside because it is raining again. We have gotten a couple dry days a couple times but the rain has been persistent and heavy when it comes.  No better time to write on the blog. It was a nice weekend here. Friday several people we knew moved into the campground which hasn’t happened since we we’ve been doing this. We had my nephews in-laws across the loop, the kids middle school music teacher across the road and the handy man from the condo we just left right across from us. Had fun visiting with all of them. My nephew and his wife also came by and it is always good to talk with Jordy and Rachel.  For me the highlight of the weekend was having my sons with us for most of Saturday.  The summer is going quickly and it won’t be long until we are on the road and those visits will become further apart. Mitch brought his girlfriend Emily along with him and it was so nice to have some time to get to know her also. We sat and talked, played some ladder ball and enjoyed the ti…

Sometimes it's a bumpy ride!

Sometimes life is just a bumpy ride. We’ve had computer, phone and 5th wheel issues all in the last couple weeks. Neither one of us have been able to sit down and update the blog but today I just felt like it was time. The computer...... We have a new MacBook Pro, which we love, but last week we were loading some music on it so that we could load John’s new iPod and have music for the truck. In the middle of it, the screen went to confetti and when he tried to do hard reboot it was a no go. A call to Apple and a day at an authorize technician and a new “logic board” (whatever that is) and the computer is working great again. One bump down. The phone....... When we updated phones we knew it was going to be our internet access too so I got my first smart  phone. At the time the Droid had just come out but we were told it couldn’t be tethered to the computer so they talked me into the Storm2 Blackberry. So far I’ve had to go in for a new battery,  twice I had to do a soft reset when it just …