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Sonoma Getaway and Rescue at the Park

Let’s start with the rescue at the park. Remember that hike that John and I did a couple weeks ago? I mentioned that it was one of the most difficult hikes we have ever done. Well, someone got in trouble on that trail and a helicopter rescue was necessary. This trail is notorious for problems and Adolfo told me in the summer the helicopters land here at Canyon Creek about every 4-6 weeks to pick someone up. They usually send an ambulance up to the area, bring them down and load them to the medical helicopters here and take them out. Today we saw the ambulances go by and soon after a lifeguard helicopter landed in the grassy area by Putah Creek. A short while later a Highway Patrol helicopter showed up too. They couldn’t get the injured person down to the ambulance so this copter was outfitted to let the personnel get down on wires and haul the person up to the helicopter. So we watched them get the personnel and basket ready to go up for the rescue. That copter took off and then retur…

A beautiful day in Northern California

Its a gorgeous day in California. We are sitting outside at Steady Eddy’s enjoying a cup of coffee and soaking in the sunshine. Last week there was little outside time as a string of 3 storms came through Northern California. We had plenty of rain and there were some mud slides on Hwy 128 but nothing too bad and though we got about 5 inches of rain we didn’t have the flooding some areas had. So the sun is back out and all is well.
Two of our work camping couples left yesterday for different jobs. This park has issues keeping their work campers because of the lack of internet and phone service. We have decided to honor our commitment and John likes the work so we will stick it out until the end of January.
Next week we are going on a little vacation to Sonoma for a couple days. I found a little Inn (Sonoma Creek Inn) just a few blocks from the Plaza that had a good rate of $200 that includes a dinning certificate for $50. That’s our Christmas present to each other. I did get a wine passp…