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Georgia on my mind......

We are still at the Petersburg campground in Appling GA. We were suppose to leave last Monday but we were feeling that need to be away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and parks we had been in. I’m a pretty social person, just ask anyone who has met me. In fact, I probably (well more actually than probably) talk too much so it may come as a surprise that there are times I crave solitude. I think it is what appeals to me about this lifestyle. When you want, you can plant yourself somewhere with lots of things to see and do and other times you can hide away in a forested campsite along a lake like this one.
On Monday we dumped our tanks and moved to a different campsite. We were in #55 which is a huge pull through but not a great view of the lake and the picnic table was one that was cemented in and was a long ways from the rig. I stopped at the gate earlier in the week and asked about sites more on the lake that would be open for another week. Many are booked for this weekend so…

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

This week we added another National Park to our places visited. Fall arrived this week too so we are doubly blessed. We arrived Sunday to experience first hand what I had heard from others; this area is a traffic nightmare. We were lucky in that it was the traffic leaving the area that was backed up for miles and we were coming into the area. We have been staying at the River Plantation RV park in Sevierville. It’s actually a pretty nice park, our biggest obstacle was a low branch in our spot but we got parked and all was well. When we first arrived it was still warm during the day but cooling off at night making for great sleeping weather, as the week has progressed fall has definitely arrived. Monday we drove into the park and went to the visitors center. The traffic into the park is amazing, pretty much a steady stream.

Once we finally found a spot to squeeze the truck into we went in and got some maps for hiking. We decided we wanted to hike Laural falls as Trudy told me this was h…


We arrived in Music City last Sunday. It has been a great week, a little bit of kicking back and a little bit of being a tourist. On Tuesday we went into town. One of the difficult things when you have a big truck is finding a good place to park. John did some research and found that Lot E at LP Field (where the Tennessee Titans of the NFL play) has public parking during the week for $5 for the day. It took us a little to find the right lot but it turned out to be a good deal. We had to walk aways to get across the river to the downtown area but it was much better than having to find a place downtown where we would have paid around $30 for lots big enough for the truck. There is some street parking if you are lucky enough to snag some but we felt this worked much better. Tuesday it threatened rain much of the day so we decided to check out the country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Our friends John and Gayle encouraged us to do the Studio B tour as part of this and though the cost is …

Captain's Log: Graceland

Captain's Log: Graceland Remember when Elvis died? Me neither. I remember Elvis of course, but I guess I wasn't paying attention when he died. I didn't know where he lived either, but I do now: he lived at Graceland, his home in Memphis, Tennessee. Graceland is now a big tourist destination for all things Elvis. Turns out that's a lot of things. It takes, at a minimum, six gift shops to hold all the stuff you can buy to remind you of your trip to Graceland. One for each tour we signed up for. There may be more, but we were too toured to go on any more tours. Six sounds like a lot, but we had a coupon. The main tour was of the home and the surrounding estate. If you forgot what the 70's looked like, this will remind you. Lots of buildings stuffed with awards Elvis earned throughout his long career. And outfits he wore. And movies he was in. And more awards. Turns out the other tours had more of the same. Guess they couldn't fit them all into the main tour. A trul…

Enjoying the Mississippi and how to boil an egg.

As I write this I am sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River just watching the barge traffic go by. We are at the Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis on the  Arkansas side of the river just across from Memphis TN. The park itself sits on the banks of the Mississippi and has its own pond that separates a couple of the sections. The thing that sets it apart is simply its location. Besides the river it is only about 10 minutes from downtown Memphis. 

Yesterday we decided to go downtown to check it out. We stopped at the visitors center just across the bridge. I knew there was a trolley that went around the downtown so I asked if there was a good place for us to park so we could just use the trolley or walk. She said I could leave it in the parking lot where it was and walk over to the trolley from there. The trolley is $1 a ride or $3.50 for a day pass. We just missed the trolley so we decided to walk for awhile. We ended up doing most of our exploring on foot and just used the troll…

Missouri to Arkansas

We are out there exploring again and that makes me happy. From Kansas City visiting family we headed towards Branson, MO and Table Rock Lake. John grew up not too far from here in Salem Mo but believe it or not, he had never visited Branson. I know lots of people really enjoy this town and for us it was ok but it’s not really the kind of place we like to hang out. The only show we were interested in were 12 Irish Tenors but we are trying to stick to a budget and decided we would rather be outside so instead we took a lake cruise on Lake Tenycomo. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful cruise. We checked out Branson Landing and watched the water-fire show which was nice. There was one really interesting site...... ........might be a good prop for Halloween !
We camped at Table Rock Lake State Park. The sites were pretty close together for a state park and all the FHU were taken so our site was just electric.  It worked for the 5 days we were there and was better than being in town. Like …