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The desert blooms

We left Tucson on the 27th and right now are at Elephant Butte State Park and I will tell you more about that (I love it here) in the next post. I wanted first to tell you about a visit we took to the Sonoran Desert Museum just a little before we left. In the desert behind the park we had seen hints of spring with some ground flowers and blooms on the bushes but no cactus blooming. At the craft group meeting I learned that the gardens at the Museum were in bloom. They get some irrigation and bloom earlier. Ralph and Cheryl invited us to join them in visiting the museum. Yes, the gardens were in bloom and I am so happy we got to see them. I tried to put a slide show together but haven't figured out that software so decided I would just post photos. Some things are just better left to our visual senses. Besides the flowers I have included the photo of the Kestrel they had for people to see, This is the bird that we had perched in our tree early in our Tucson visit. The photos are m…

The desert is getting ready to bloom

This week we hiked in Saguaro National Park Western Division and we are beginning to see buds and a few blooms.  Its not quite time yet but it won't be long.  Previous years we have left before the blooms so I am excited to see it. The rains this year are making for an earlier bloom than usual. The month of February saw quite a few rainy days (for the desert) and the temps were below normal much of the month. However, for the next 10 days the predicted temps will be about 10 degrees above normal (normal is around 70). Just finished another walk and the temp is around 80+ with just enough breeze to keep you cool. Love it.

Our friends John and Sharon Hinton were in the park for about 10 days. It was great to spend some time with them. I am always sad to see them leave but I know our paths will cross again down the road.

Since there really isn't too much to write about on the RV front. John is an avid reader and I love to read too but I also love to knit and I haven't figured o…