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A Beautiful Hike

Sunday John and I finally took the time to hike the hills near our campground. We had heard there was a five mile loop that had a trailhead just a short way up the road, close enough to walk to the trailhead. We got to the map of the trails and the loop is called the Blue Ridge Trail loop, 5 miles and listed as difficult. Now many of the tails we have taken that were listed as difficult we would consider as moderate so we decided we were up to the task and took off. In the case of this trail - difficult means difficult. It may be the most challenging trail we have hiked to date. 
The climb up is pretty steady and steep for about 2 miles, some stairs and switchback. The stairs at times were the height of 2 steps and for my short little legs they became difficult after the first 50 or so (I didn’t count but I’m sure there were at least that many). After we finally reached the top of the first peak we looked out to see we would have some downhill and then up again to another peak and afte…

Lots of news!

I know its been awhile but our internet has been a challenge. I can get on through our managers wifi (he’s connected directly to the parks satellite internet) but we know they have a pretty limited data contract and so we try not to abuse it. Its actually hard to abuse it because the signal is not very strong and disappears completely on a regular basis. I’ve learned that when I do have a signal I get my email right away then if it stays up I check Facebook so I can catch up on family. Once in awhile, usually late at night I can get on Pinterest or sometimes a blog or two. Before we came here I use to spend a couple hours in the morning cruising through the blogs I follow, now I try to get to a few when I get in town and find a wifi. The cafe we were using for wifi has a new owner and the last time we were there the internet wasn’t working and the owner said he was having issues with AT&T. Our guess is they raised his rate and he doesn’t want to pay it. We will return to check on …

Busy Month

I know it has been too long since my last post so I think I am going to do several posts to catch up and post them gradually this week when I am in town.  We actually have been really busy. When we first arrived here I was really worried about keeping busy since there really isn’t any specific work for me but that hasn’t been an issue. John has been working more than his 24 hours a week so we are banking some hours for other days off. He is part of the maintenance crew and they are doing lots of renovation projects around the park. I think he likes the work and is enjoying the guys he works with. He works 6-8 hours a day Tuesday to Friday.
The week before Halloween we all worked to put together a haunted house for the kids. It was a lot of fun and I learned that I was a great screamer, I don’t scream very often so it was a surprise to me. John manned a chainsaw (chain removed). He started the saw and I started screaming, it was pretty effective. We don’t usually get into Halloween so t…