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I wrote a blog earlier this month on Google docs and was going to cut and paste it into blogger. Everything was written and edited but things went south from there. The cursor wouldn't work correctly and it would highlight or copy what I needed and then in the blink of an eye it just all disappeared. Seems Google Docs and Windows 10 don't like each other much. I was so disgusted I decided to wait until after friends from Iowa visited and just do one long post.
We have been in Tucson since the beginning of the month and are parked at Justin's Diamond J. We love this place. It's a little quirky but the sites are nice size and the view from our site is wonderful. The first week was cool and rainy but we still managed to get out and do some hiking. This park borders the Tucson Mountain Park which then meets the Saguaro National Park so from here there are lots of trails. I have some mountains I use as landmarks so I don't get too lost. The trails are not marked that w…