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The Swamp

Todays blog is in two parts, first my little narrative on where we’ve been and then a Captain’s log from John.

Where have we been? The swamp! We stayed at Stephen C. Foster StatePark, Fargo GA. This park is in the the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge or the Okefenokee swamp. What an interesting place. We took a boat tour on the second day we were there. Ranger Mike is a good ’ole Georgia Boy all the way was our tour guide. This is the first time I have seen alligators in the wild and we saw a lot of alligators. There are two that make the boat harbor their own and as we left the harbor it really just becomes alligator city.  Besides the alligators there are all the cypress trees just dripping with Spanish moss, and there were flocks of White Ibis, blue heron and the Wood Stork. It is an amazing place. I really feel it is a place everyone should visit at some time in their life. It is so different than anywhere we have been so far.  On Thursday we read that they were having a sunset …

Beautiful Savannah

Before visiting we heard many good things about Savannah and I think we agree with them all. This is a beautiful city with an amazing Historic District. When we drove into town we were looking for the Visitors Center because we read they had public parking. Well, we made a wrong turn so we pulled in to the Georgia Railroad Museum to turn around but then noticed they had a great parking lot, especially for this honkin’ big truck and the gate said they were open 9am to 5 pm. Best of all no charge for the parking. We also are big suckers for train museums so we checked this one out before we went across the street to the visitors center. The train museum charged $10 a piece but with parking included and the tickets good for 3 days we bought the tickets. The museum is the old train yard complete with a round house and a turntable. The table actually works and we got to see it in action our second trip in. They have a short train ride on the weekends and we had hoped to do that on Friday b…

New friends and Skidaway Island

We left Petersburg Campground last Monday but not before we made some new friends. On Saturday morning there was a knock on the door and one of our blog readers had come to let us know they were also in the park. Pam and Vic (the Big EZ Travels) were just over on the next loop. I have also read her blog but lately I’ve done more knitting than reading so I didn’t realize they were there. We talk for awhile and later had a great campfire and happy hour. It’s always fun and remarkably easy to sit and chat with other full timers and when they are fellow bloggers you kind of feel like you know them already. We were both headed out on Monday and ran into each other at the dump station Monday morning so got to say farewell. They were going to Hilton Head SC and we were on to Savannah about an hour south of there. I got an email from Pam saying how much they are enjoying Hilton Head so tomorrow we are going to check it out and ride bikes around the island with them. So glad we have met two mo…