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A Summer of Baseball and Babysitting

I haven’t blogged in some time. I kept telling myself to sit down and write but would then get distracted. I even have things to write about and sometimes on walks I would be thinking about those things. Well today we have off , it is too hot to be outside much  and I finished my latest knitting project so I decided to write before I started anything new.
It’s been a fun and crazy busy summer, but isn’t that what life is all about? We continue to spend as much time with our granddaughter as we can. A week ago we had her for a whole day and it was just about the perfect day. It’s the kind I wish I could bottle up and in the winter when I am missing her take it out and have that day again. We were staying in a new spot at the Coralville Reservoir in the Linder Point campground. This is one of the COE campgrounds near the West Overlook, and we were in a FHU spot. We planned this during a break in our ushering schedule. This campground is not as nice as Sugar Bottom where we usually stay …