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Leaving Yuma

These are our last few days in Yuma. On Thursday we will be moving to Tucson. I have mixed feelings as we are leaving some people we have totally enjoyed. The time with Evelyn and Kevin is always fun and now we have new friends too. Martha and Brad who have shown us the way in Algodones Mexico, Bob and Marie and Dick and Wanda. It has been a nice group to get to know and spend our holidays with. The park has been filled with activities and we have enjoyed this RV resort probably more than any we have spent time in. I’m still a campground kinda’ girl but this park has made me think about what we will do when our travels are over. If we return to Yuma it will be most likely to this park.

One Saturday we went with Brad and Marthat to the Tamale Festival in Sommerton AZ. I wasn't that familiar with tamales but what a fun little trip. There were 40 some tamale vendors. Some had samples you could try before buying and we took advantage of that and found a great vendor with no line! I ca…

My Christmas Wish

This Christmas what I really want is  for the words spoken by the angels “Peace on Earth and goodwill toward men.” There is so little of it right now. If you listen to the news, read the paper, or pay attention to the internet what I see is people who wish each other ill, who say hateful things about those they disagree with. I see people who believe guns are the answer to whatever problem exists, not just having them but using them on each other. I see how poorly we treat those in need, who are poor, sick, or homeless.
What I really want is for all Christians to remember what the Christ child would ask of us: to feed the hungry, take care of the sick, love your neighbor as yourself (and I believe he meant this in the global sense). In conflict, Jesus asked us to love others and to turn the other cheek if we were wronged. In His ministry He didn’t see people with the labels (black, white, Jew, or Gentile, poor, wealthy), He saw them all as people he loved. I know none of us can do that…


I've been thinking about home lately and what that really is. As a full time RVer there really is no "place" that we call home. I was reminded of an assignment that my son Gabe was given in middle school. It was a descriptive writing piece on your "home". Now Gabe doesn't necessarily think like other people and he rails against conventional definitions. Gabe informed his teacher that his home had nothing to so with the "house" that he lived in but rather the people that he lived with and were the core of his life and he refused to write the paper in deference to the fact that the instructions were wrong. If she wanted a description of the house he lived in that is what she should have stated in the instructions. Some of this was just the bluster of a middle schooler but what he said had merit though this teacher did not want to hear it. I agree with Gabe that home isn't the house itself but the people in that house and the memories that surro…