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So I have been on a vacation of sorts. If you are still out there you probably wonder what’s become of me (or maybe not). John and I have been busy and even spent a week in Minnesota with friends but alas I have not had the inclination to blog. In fact, I have been spending less time online. I do get on and check email and Facebook but haven’t really spent much time reading except for things to do with knitting. I confess, I have become an addict.

When I find something I enjoy doing I tend to jump in the deep end. Online I have found some great video classes at and some other video workshops online. I swear, whatever you need to learn is on Youtube! I feel like Naomi in Winters CA gave me a solid enough start that now I feel confident watching the videos and understand at least most of what they are saying or doing. I made my first pair of socks by following a video class from and I love them. Then I followed a pattern from Susan B. Anderson (http://susa…