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Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving from here in sunny Yuma. I always get a little bit nostalgic this time of year. These holidays are the times I miss my kids the most. Mitch our youngest is off to Seattle WA to visit a good friend while his daughter spends the holiday with her mom. He and his friend Caleb were stuck in the airport last I heard waiting out a delay. The challenges of traveling this time of year can be frustrating. Gabe is back in Early working and we hope he has a good day. Melissa is in CR with her mom. We are trying to solve a car issue for them and it has been a long go but we are hoping it will be solved soon
Speaking of cars, John and I are particularly thankful this year for friends Mike and Trudy Woods. Mike has gone way beyond the call to help us and I get a little teary when I think of how blessed I am to have friends like them. They live  life always giving to others, to me they are people who are heros to so many of us and in so many ways. …

New laptop and finally back to the blog

Well, I tried learning Word Press but it also did not work well with the iPad and since we had found a couple other things we can't seem to accomplish in the tablet format we decided to bite the bullet and get a new laptop. Costco was running a special so here I am finally blogging again. I am having to learn Windows 10 but I am getting there. This is the first Windows pc we have had in a long time. I have to say Macs are a little more intuitive but I know I can figure this out with a little time. So now I can blog without wanting to throw my devices out the window.

We are currently in Yuma at Fortuna De Oro, a Cal-Am resort. We have been here about 2 weeks and are enjoying ourselves. This is a busy place, always something to do. Our friends Kevin and Evelyn (Chronicles of Kevelyn) are here too and that makes it even better.  There has been some pickle ball playing, a trip into Los Algodones Mexico and lots of happy hours. One thing I will say for this park is there are lots of f…