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Fort Walton Beach and Destin, Florida

We are nicely settled in here at the Destin West RV Resort. There are a few draw backs to this resort but the advantages far out way them. It is situated on Okaloosa Island that is a long narrow island between Fort Walton beach and Destin. This resort is part of a complex of condos and the Ramada Inn so we have privileges for the pools and workout center at the Ramada which is a big plus. The RV resort is on the bay side of the island and the Ramada is on the Gulf side. Just a little ways from us by the condo is a pedestrian walkway across the busy Miracle Strip Parkway that runs the length of the island. That little bridge across is a great advantage. It gives us access to the beautiful beaches of the Emerald Coast on the Gulf without risking our lives getting across the road. At the resort on the bay side is a pool they keep very warm (about 90 degrees), some picnic tables and an area where you can launch your kayaks if you wish. We haven’t done that yet but its in the plans. Our si…

computer issues

Just a quick post to let you know we are still here and ok but are having some computer issues. My MacBook has treated me well for a lot of years but recently the track pad has only been working intermittently making it difficult to blog. For Christmas I got a Kindle fire and I am now learning to use it. I don't know if it will meet all my needs but I like it and it will have to work for now. Photos and how to deal with them is my biggest obstacle. I will probably try to do that with the Mac when it is cooperating.
We are in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and love it. The Destin West RV Resort is in an ideal place. The bay is on one side and across the road I'd the Gulf with beautiful beaches. Our friends Sheryl and Jeff were here the last couple weeks and we enjoyed our time with them but they left on Thursday. We are now just beginning to discover the area on our own. I hope to share more of this area in photos soon. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving
So until I figure s…