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Getting Ready to hitch-up and head out

Our four month stint here at Canyon Creek near Winters, California is wrapping up. This is the longest we have ever stayed in one place. Plenty long for me even though I have really enjoyed this area. John and I were discussing yesterday what we would miss when we left this area and what we won’t miss.
What we will miss:
First and foremost, as with most places we stay, it will be the people we have met while here. John has had a great group of guys to work with.  Larry is the operations manager and John’s boss. He is a bit of a renaissance man, he has experience in lots of areas and there is almost nothing he is afraid to try and he makes working around here fun most of the time. Adolofo and John (another John) are full time staff and have been fun to get to know. Then there are the other work campers that John has worked with. The one he has spent the most time with is Steve. Sometimes I joke that they are like “Laurel and Hardy do construction”. We also had Ed and Jan, and Mary Ann an…

San Francisco

This weekend we finally made it to San Francisco. This is the one last trip we wanted to make before leaving this area. There are still many other things to do here but we will leave them for next time. I think we put this off because we really didn’t want to drive into the city, but after looking at alternatives we found out about the bay ferry. There is a terminal in Vallejo which is just about 35 miles from us. There is free parking until March and it stops at the Ferry Building near the financial district and at Fisherman’s Wharf. A day pass was $24 each. This is a wonderful way to go into the city. The ferry ride is very comfortable with nice views and takes about an hour. In the winter the schedule is a little different so fewer departure times. We left at 10 am and returned at 8pm (last departure from the ferry building is 7pm).

The weather was almost perfect. We needed jackets in the morning and evening but the afternoon was sunshine and high 60s. Our plan was to go all the way…

Another year flew by......

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been thinking about writing a year in review post. I think sitting still gives me writers block but tonight I want to get this written so tomorrow when I go into town I can get it uploaded. That has been a bit of an obstacle too. Our connection to the internet here at the park has improved a little after they added a new router but they are on a satellite system right now with data limits. So I do get on and read email and Facebook and sometimes blogs too but I don’t download or upload anything. 

So where did we go in 2012? Texas (Austin, Port O’conner, Galveston, Houston, Rockport), New Mexico (Elephant Butte, Navajo Lake & Albuquerque), Arizona (Winslow, Grand Canyon, & Sedona), Colorado (Durango, Colorado Springs & Loveland), Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota (Mitchell, Custer Park & Mt. Rushmore), Wyoming (Sheridan), Idaho (Lake Pend Orellies), Montana (Missoula), Washington (Spokane and the Tri-city area), Oregon (Bend, Diamond Lake, Crater Lak…