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Tale of a trail

Once again its time to let the photos speak for themselves.

Favorite photo of the day.

Seven miles later, a beer and a lawn chair, it doesn't get any better than this.

Happy Trails........................

Lake Siskiyou, Mt. Shasta CA & Rally stuff

Today we moved down I-5 to a park recommended to us by a friend Becky, who has camped lots of places in this area. We are at the Lake Siskiyou Camp-Resort. This a big summer resort, 110 RV sites, 250 tent sites and various cabins and even a couple houses for rent. There is a little store and restaurant but of course the store is on limited hours and the grill is closed for the season. The good part of being off season is there aren’t very many people here so it is very quiet.  Our site is huge and has a nice forest view. We are only here 2 nights but it will be a great place to just relax.

As we were setting up we were visited by a doe, a young buck and two fawns that still had their spots. They seem to be use to humans, we almost wondered if campers had been feeding them since later they came back to our site. Feeding wildlife is something I really have a problem with, I think we are doing a disservice to our animal friends, so they won’t be getting anything from us. It is fun to see …

A catch up blog

Diamond Lake; The bike trail around Diamond Lake in Oregon is beautiful, one of the best we have ever been on. It is 11 miles around and we actually went around twice. Highly recommended.
Dinner with Terry and Lu. Didn’t get to spend time at Crater Lake together but got to have dinner in Harrisburg. Such fun and some good laughs, definitely not long enough.
RV-Dreams Rally: A fun and totally exhausting week. I actually took only a few photos. Sometimes I don’t want to live behind the lens and just experience life and that is how I felt this week. I learned so much, met lots of great people. If you are considering the full time RV life these are excellent rallies to go to. Wish we had gone to this one before we even bought the RV. If you are in the checking it out mode I encourage you to go to website and consider attending a rally.
Heading to California: We are sad to be leaving Oregon as we have absolutely fallen love with Oregon. Are original plan was to take Hwy 101 d…

Crater Lake

I’m not sure what to say except WOW. This is a beautiful and amazing place. Today we did the driving tour and drove the rim drive all the way along the lake. We did stop and get a stamp for my Parks Passport and bought a couple books at the gift shop. We stopped at many of the overlooks and just took our time. Today I think I will let the photos do the talking. I did change the header and put in a panoramic of Crater Lake that I took today too. Hope you enjoy.

Happy Trails...................

Bend, Oregon

Monday we left Plymouth for Bend. It was a nice drive but as we got closer we noticed a lot of smoke again. There is a large wildfire west of Sisters and you could see the smoke clinging to the hills. There also seemed to be some intentional burning going on in a few fields along the way. The smoke started getting to me a little even in the Plymouth area when I was running. I knew it was time to find a Walgreens and get a new inhaler so we did that in Redmond.
We are staying at a park right in Bend called Scandia RV Park. It is ok but seems very pricey for what you get. The park is fairly tight like most RV parks. They have a couple laundry areas . The one in our loop only had 2 washer/dryers and one of the dryers was out of order. The good thing is it is only $1.25 for both washer and dryer. The last place we did laundry at it was $2.50 each. There also is a Wendy’s at the end of our loop which came in handy for a late night frosty, and one night we even had burgers.

We did enjoy Bend,…

A week flies by......

Well, finally passed or month without going over our usage limit. Good thing I have a smart phone so we were still able to get emails and check Facebook. We moved to a COE park in southern Washington in the tri-city area. Most of the COE parks in this area actually closed September 4th, seems a little early to me but we were able to get into a w/e site at Plymouth park. Nice little park along the Columbia River. This area is mainly open plains but down by the river there are trees so we have some nice shade. The sites are almost all the pull through type that are pullovers and I think would be a little tight for many rigs but people seem to make them work. 
We’ve had a pretty easy going week. Thursday we visited the Columbia -Crest Winery that is about 20 miles away. It is the largest winery in Washington and we have bought some of their wine even back in Iowa so it was fun to visit and do a wine tasting here. The grounds are beautiful and after our tasting we sat outside with a nice g…

Short on minutes

Just a short post to my fellow bloggers. This month we have really eaten up the minutes on our aircard. Soon we will be moving to a new situation with 20G a month but for right now we have to stay in our 5G range. We have wi-fi at this park but it can be painfully slow and sometimes only parts of pages load. Such are the trials on the road (lol). I'm trying to keep up with reading and I may get another post done tonight and if I stay up late enough it may actually get get posted (just have to wait until all the other users go to sleep). We leave this park tomorrow and are headed to a COE park in Plymouth WA so that will be the end of wi-fi. You may not here from me here or in comments until after the 7th but know I'm trying to keep up by reading some on my phone. Until then....
Happy Trails..........................

A Beautiful Cruise on Lake Pend Oreilles

We arrived in Deer Park, WA just north of Spokane. This is a lovely spot that is outside the city. The longer we are on the road the more I appreciate being away from the city. Its nice to go visit for a short time but I’d rather stay in a more rural setting. The Spokane RV Resort (not in Spokane the city) is where we are staying and it is a resort. The sites are huge, even the largest rigs would fit here. It has a nice pool and hot tub area and it sits on a golf course and offers a discount on golf. I haven’t had a chance to take any photos of the area but I’ll try to get that done tomorrow since I think it will be a day of just hanging out. This is a little more than we like to pay for a site but what the heck.

John and I are celebrating our anniversary, actually today. Twenty eight years went by pretty fast. We knew we want to do something special so when we arrived I asked for suggestions at the office. The gal on duty gave me a brochure for a cruise on Lake Pend Oreille about an h…