Thanksgiving in the new RV

The RV was on order, the hitch was installed in the truck, the financing and insurance was all arranged, and we had packed the stuff we thought we would need for a short stay. We were like new parents just waiting for the main event.
Thanksgiving is when we usually get together with my older brother and his family at either their place or ours. This year it was at their place in Northwest Missouri. My brother can sometimes join us, but he had already bailed for this year. When we got the call, we found out we could take delivery a few days before Thanksgiving so we sent our regrets and headed for Couler Valley in Dubuque, about an hour and a half from where we live.
We actually went twice. The first time was to sign the papers promising to pay for it, but we were able to get a quick tour of our new home. It was still in their shop for the initial checkout and it looked awesome. We were able to order a couple max air vents we had read about on the forums, but otherwise it was everything we thought it would be. The hickory cabinets looked great. We arranged to come back after the weekend, a couple of days before Thanksgiving, to actually move in for a few days and camp out in their parking lot so if we needed anything, they would be right there. They must've had some experience with newbies.
When we got there for our initial stay, it was ready to go. We had a 30 amp electrical service, the lp tanks were full, and we had drinking water in the tank. We even had a place to park the truck next to the RV.
So we unpacked and moved in. We got the quick tour of how things worked and then we were alone in our new RV. After everyone left for the day, I think we were alone in the whole dealership. Which was good, because the first thing we did was crank up to the new entertainment system. That worked.
We entertained ourselves by installing shelf paper and arranging things. We hadn’t brought a lot of stuff with us, so there was still plenty of room. When I thought about all the stuff we owned, it looked tight. Might have to have another garage sale next Spring.
The boys joined us Thanksgiving day. We told them to meet us at the Diamond Jo casino because we knew it would be open and they were supposed to have a turkey day buffet. I also figured their GPS would have the Diamond Jo as a point of interest. I was partly right. Turns out the Diamond Jo had another casino of the same name in Waterloo, and their GPS knew where it was, so that’s where they headed. They were almost to Waterloo before they decided that Waterloo wasn’t Dubuque and headed back East.
So we arrive at the Dubuque Diamond Jo for our Thanksgiving meal and discover that you have to be 21 to eat there, because it was actually on the casino floor. Who would design a restaurant like that? But we were hungry, so we told Mitchell he was on his own. Not really. We found another restaurant and had a great meal. I was the only one who ordered turkey, everyone else had ribs. A new Thanksgiving tradition.
Our last day in the trailer was supposed to be Friday, but it was Black Friday and we still had some points at Cabela’s. So we arranged to stay another day and headed to Prairie du Chien. Or at least Janie and I did. The boys had another GPS malfunction and ended up in central Iowa somewhere. They decided it was closer to just go back to Cedar Rapids. No problem. Janie can shop enough for all of us.
Saturday was our last day, and it was gorgeous. It had finally stopped raining. The Couler Valley crew showed up to help attach the trailer to the truck. I got to drive, and got it done, but the trailer was too high. Good thing they brought their wrenches. So off we go on the maiden voyage, playing with the trailer brake and showing off. It was a quick trip, and the best part was: I didn’t wreck the trailer. Then I had to back it up to put it back in its spot. No worries; I had read the book. After going back and forth a few times, I figured out how to do it and got out to let Doug drive. He parked it like he knew what he was doing. It sill needed leveling a bit, so I got in to back it up over some boards on one side. A total of about two feet. Unfortunately, I backed it up about four feet and punched a small hole in the rear bumper of our band new home. Oops. Glad I got that out of the way. Might be a good place for that Good Sam sticker we got in the mail.


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