Canyon Creek Unplugged

Sitting at a coffee shop in Winter Ca using there free wifi. We have arrived at our work camping spot. This is beautiful membership park but the parking is tight. Took a little doing but we got in our spot. When John did the phone interview he really didn't ask many questions so we found out that really all 24 hours expected from us are his, as a carpenters assistant. The good thing is he met his supervisor, Larry, and I think he will enjoy the work.
Here's the challenge for me. There is no cell signal in the park so no internet in the rig, can connect via ethernet in the lounge. They are working on a wi-fi but it won't be up and running for 4-5 weeks. No tv signal so we may have to get satellite tv, maybe we'll see.
So take care and we will post as we can.
Happy trails....................


  1. Unplugged sounds like a good way to describe your contact with the outside world, at least electronically:(

  2. The phone signal and wi-fi is pretty bad here at Mesa Verde, but I've been working around it. I have been here almost 6 months and leave here on Oct 26th. Hopefully you will be able to live around the connection problems and enjoy the area.

  3. Oh no! What will you do with your time Janie while John is hard at work? Is there much to do around the area? :(


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