A beautiful day in Northern California

Coffee and Internet at Steady Eddy's, a great combination.

Its a gorgeous day in California. We are sitting outside at Steady Eddy’s enjoying a cup of coffee and soaking in the sunshine. Last week there was little outside time as a string of 3 storms came through Northern California. We had plenty of rain and there were some mud slides on Hwy 128 but nothing too bad and though we got about 5 inches of rain we didn’t have the flooding some areas had. So the sun is back out and all is well.

Two of our work camping couples left yesterday for different jobs. This park has issues keeping their work campers because of the lack of internet and phone service. We have decided to honor our commitment and John likes the work so we will stick it out until the end of January.

Next week we are going on a little vacation to Sonoma for a couple days. I found a little Inn (Sonoma Creek Inn) just a few blocks from the Plaza that had a good rate of $200 that includes a dinning certificate for $50. That’s our Christmas present to each other. I did get a wine passport on Groupon for Sonoma County, hopefully that will pay off.
Tree lighting in Winters, CA 
I just mailed off lots of Christmas Cards and gifts, always nice to get that done. I still have packages for my sons but I need to do some baking before they can be sent.

Just got off the phone with the ranger for Heceta Lighthouse just north of Florence, OR. We are going to spend the month of March volunteering there. We have really wanted to work in Oregon so we are excited. So another new adventure is on the way. I have had a hard time lately being away from my kids. With a new baby coming and Mitch and Emily working on buying a house, it’s hard not being there but luckily they are getting great support from Emily’s folks. Holidays are always the hardest for me. I do love this lifestyle though and opportunities like this one in Oregon make me remember why we are out here.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season and the next post should have plenty of photos from our Sonoma trip.

Happy Trails....................


  1. I understand your feelings. We had to leave after a family drama. (for a lack of another word)

  2. I'd probably be among those that left. Got to have my internet. ;)

  3. How exciting to volunteer at a lighthouse! Didn't see that one :) We are volunteering at a fish hatchery in Oregon June-August after our work camp job in Morgan Hill, CA ends in April. Still hoping we can get together before we're too far away!

  4. Have fun in Sonoma. The Oregon job should be a great experience.

  5. Have a great time in Sonoma. I'm excited to hear how it goes. I also struggle with missing the kids. That's the one thing about this vagabond lifestyle that I sometimes don't like. But we won't give it up. So, we're heading to Minnesota next week to visit them. Kevin thinks I'm nuts for going to the cold, but he knows not to argue about this one :) The lack of internet and cell service is probably making you miss them more. The lighthouse gig sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

  6. Merry Christmas to you and John. Hope you have a fabulous time in Sonoma. Terry and I used to go there for vacation quite often.


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