"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing"
- Helen Keller

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hiking the South Kaibab Trail

Today we chose to do a more challenging trail. Instead of hiking to the bottom we chose to do hike part of this trail. It was a great choice and a great day. I don’t really have much to say other than this place truly takes my breath away so I’ll just share some photos from this incredible place.

Volunteers with American Conservation Corps working on the trail

Happy Trails..........................

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hiking and Biking the Grand Canyon

We made it to Hermit's Rest

John enjoying the view on our hike
The last two days the weather has been next to perfect. Temps are in the 60s with sunny skies. Tuesday we headed out to hike the rim trail. We took the shuttle eastbound to Yaki point which is the most eastern spot that the shuttle will go. We just wanted to see this spot. The rim trail starts one stop earlier at the South Kaibab trailhead and we thought we’d see this area and then jump onto the shuttle again and go back one spot. However, the westbound shuttle skips that stop on the way back so instead we went one more stop and started our hike at Pipe Creek Vista. The rim trail is just what it says: a walk along the rim of the Grand Canyon. It is easy hiking and is paved for most of it. We walked to Bright Angel Lodge. The views were beautiful and when you would get far enough from the visitors center, the crowd would thin out some but it is a very busy trail. We hiked about 4 miles, but it seemed longer. At Bright Angel Lodge there are tons of people but inside there is a little bar so we crashed for a little while and had a beer and an appetizer, then headed back on the shuttle.
A friend on the trail
Bike Ride with a view!
Today we decided we would bike instead. We mistakenly thought it would be an easy day. Our goal was to use the multi-use trails and roads to ride out to Hermit’s Rest. Since it followed along the rim trail but just to the west of yesterdays hike, we expected the same terrain. We quickly knew we were in for a different ride that we originally thought. As we left the Bright Angel area the first thing we hit was a very long uphill grade. This part of the road is only for the shuttle buses; bikes are allowed but the rule is that bikes must yield to the buses by stopping and pulling off the roadway, and before we reached the top, that is exactly what we had to do. It sucks to have to stop in the middle of a hill and this one we found out on the way back (road sign) is a 6% grade and long. The only good thing is we got to catch our breath. We definitely felt the elevation on this ride, you start breathing hard on the hills and it was like you just couldn’t get enough oxygen in. We kept going and though it was an exhausting ride, it was also one of the most beautiful rides we have ever done. How can you beat a bike ride where the scenery off to your side is this amazing wonder of the world. So in case you visit the GC and want to do this ride be advised it is a work and about 22 miles round trip from the trailer village. 
People hiking the Bright Angel Trail
Now we are just relaxing and watching some tv; we don’t seem to have the energy for anything else. Tomorrow we may take it easier, but who knows.
The End (this one's for you Judy!)
Happy Trails..............

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Captains log: A new critter in the desert

Well, John got inspired to write another post - Yeah!!! Its actually from our time at Homolovi SP. So here's Johnny.......................

Our first trip after retirement was to the South West to enjoy the warmer climate and our new mobility. While we were in New Mexico, we discovered a new kind of water fowl: the coot. They kind of looked like ducks, but with beaks instead of bills and without the webbed feet. Very strange and, as many of you pointed out, very common.

My latest discovery is a desert bug a couple of centimeters long and solid black. It's easy to get a close look at it because it's active during the day, and slow. No camouflage and no speed. And no sense. If you get too close, it stands on its head. I thought maybe it was trying to hide by sticking its head in the sand, but that wouldn't be a great survival trick with its rear end stuck up in the air for all to see. Its last trick would be to moon whatever was about to eat it.

Our next stop was the Homolovi visitor center, so I asked the ranger what was up with the black bug. Turns out it's called a Pinicate, which I think means "black beetle", and it's a type of stinkbug. The stink glands are in the rear of the bug so standing on its head is the bug's idea of maximizing the stink and minimizing its appeal as a meal. This bug is also very common, at least in the desert. It was the highlight of our hike.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Arrival at the Grand Canyon

We have arrived! It was a windy drive to Flagstaff but got better after that and by noon we were at the Trailer Village Campground in the Grand Canyon Village. It wasn’t too busy when we arrived but later in the day there were many RVs arriving. Its not full but definitely busy. Our site was an easy pull through and as level as we’ve had in a long time, no blocks necessary. Once we got set up we decided to get the lay of the land so we hopped on the shuttle bus and headed to the visitors center.
John's first view of the Grand Canyon
Instead of going in the visitor’s center right away I wanted to give John his first view of the Grand Canyon. I have been here once in 1977 on a girls road trip when I was in college and John has never been here. There are some things that just make a deep impression on you, one that you never forget and for me the Grand Canyon was like that. So off we went on the short walk to the rim. It is a busy place but we got a spot on the railing and all John could say is “Wow”. We walked along Mather Point and he mentioned how difficult it is to believe the scale of it all.
After a short walk we went back to the visitors center. The film they show had already started so we decided instead to hop back on the shuttle and go down to the Bright Angel stop. It is hard to believe the number of people here in March. Everyone told me it is always busy and they are so right. So many different languages being spoken too. I know they bring tour buses in from Las Vegas every day. We got to view the canyon for a little while from here too but then decided to head back home and just chill for the evening. Moving day always wears us out.
I baked a pizza from Trader Joe’s; their Roasted Vegetable Pizza. I added some goat cheese to the top and it was the best pizza we have had in quite awhile. We will be picking up a couple of these on our next Trader Joe’s shopping run. I hear there is one in Prescott now. As we ate we looked at our maps and information and made somewhat of a plan. Tomorrow we will take off on the rim trail for a long hike, probably starting out at South Kaibab Point and then just going as far as our little legs will take us. We want to acclimate to the elevation a little before we try a couple more strenuous hikes. There also is a multiuse trail that we can bike on so we definitely will be checking that out this week. There is plenty to keep us busy, its going to be a great week.
Happy Trails..................

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Homolovi Ruins State Park, Winslow AZ

I-40 near Winslow AZ

We have moved on to the Homolovi State Park near Winslow AZ. This is a small park that houses the ruins of the early Hopi tribes. The campground has a only a few rigs in it now but this weekend they are expecting a large group that is part of a trail ride from St.George, Utah to Winslow.  However it is Saturday morning and no sign of this huge group they talked about. 
Our site
Thursday we took a hike to the Homolovi I site, not much to see but some info on the Hopi communities that existed here almost 800 to 900 years ago. The clans moved on to the Hopi Mesas due to frequent flooding in the area. Originally we were just going for a walk around the campground but when we saw the sign to the ruins just 1 mile away on a park road we made the hike. It was ok but it got us out walking so that was good. Friday we biked to the visitors center and asked about hiking trails. They didn’t have a hiking map so the ranger tried to draw them in on the park map. What we found is this is more of a driving park, there are a few trails and they are poorly marked (the one from the campground to the visitors center may be the exception). We did a loop trail and one that led to an overlook, all the time not sure we were on the right path. Then we went to where we thought he marked the trail to the campground but it was actually the to the Sunset Cemetery. It looked bikable (the camp host told us the trail to the campground was bikeable--not!) so we road quite aways and then it got sandy so we walked the bikes. The cemetery is fun to see, I like the little cemeteries that tell a story of a time long past. Now we have already started to doubt that this is the path to the campground but decided to keep going. After about another mile or so we came to a road closed sign that was a locked gate?! Oops. I was going to check my phone GPS but at the gate I looked up and could see the shelter for the Homolovi I site we were at the day before. Now just to get passed the gate. We were able to climb through and John handed the bikes over the top to me. It was a much better solution than going back the way we came. Shortly we were on the road and able to bike the mile back to the campground.  That was definitely an adventure.
Visitors Center
Today we started at the campground where we found the trail head for the trail to the visitor center. The trail is marked better than the others and it is listed as 1.2 miles and we found out where we were suppose to start yesterday. It is just a flat desert trail and is very sandy, there is no way our bikes would make this and I am not sure even a mountain bike would have it easy, just too much soft sand. Just know that this park has limited hiking. There is some interesting history but not much else. It has been a good place to just kick back but I doubt we will return
Sunset cemetary

Sunset Cemetery
We went into Winslow but weren’t in the mood for stoping at the couple tourist spots they have. Do you ever get that way, when those area just don’t trip your trigger? So we did see the store at the corner of Winslow AZ (remember it from the Eagles “Take it Easy”), also drove by the La Posada hotel. The only thing we did do was go to Walmart. We had a few items to restock before we head to the Grand Canyon.
John witha view of the visitors center and the montains
I am so looking forward to the next couple of weeks. The Grand Canyon has been number one on my list this season and we are finally going to get there. After much debate and some reading we decided that after the Grand Canyon we will head to Cottonwood AZ and Dead Horse Ranch State Park. I even made a reservation. This will be a great spot to go off and discover Cottonwood, Sedona and Prescott. I’ve had this park on the radar for awhile as I have read several excellent reviews for it. So we are looking forward to two beautiful areas with lots of great hiking and natural beauty. :)
In this down time one of the things I had been doing is finishing up a cross stitch project. Thought I’d share that with you. This is my hobby other than reading.  I find it relaxing and fun to see it come together. I did my future daughter-in-law Melissa’s Christmas stocking last year and some ornaments for the new kids in the family. This year I decided to make a couple projects for myself.  This project and the new project I‘ve just begun are destined to become pillows. I have a thing for snowmen, so they will go well with my other Christmas Decorations.
One last thing, Ray/Wendy asked if we had considered a dual rear wheel pickup. Well the photos might make it look like a single rear wheel but it is definitely a DRW pickup. My husband’s pride and joy, complete with a Banks exhaust system and a brand new high performance ATS transmission. It is amazing what I know about trucks now that it is our only vehicle.
Happy Trails........................

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holy Buckets of Wind

Good-bye Elephant Butte. :)
Sunday morning was calm at Elephant Butte so I went on to checkout what the rest of the morning would be like. We had done most of our packing up the night before so we were up early and ready to go. It looked like if we got on the road right away we could get to Albuquerque before the big winds began so off we went. The ride was pretty uneventful until about 30 miles south of Albuquerque. The wind picked up and now up ahead you could see lots of dust in the air. The truck and trailer did fine in the wind but just before we got to our exit off I40 a tanker truck ahead of us was having lots of trouble. He must have been empty as his back end was really getting blown around. We slowed down and put some distance between us as he exited the freeway at the same exit, good idea for him.
Now came the challenge, setting up in a sand storm. The wind blew me in to register at Enchanted Trails and then we headed to our site. The temps were still relatively warm but the sand in the wind made it miserable. It took a lot to open and close doors and get everything set up but about 45 minutes later we were safely ensconced inside the rig. The first order of business then was to take showers (though we did wait awhile to let the water heater get us some hot water). I have never had it where there was sand in my ears, nose, hair and mouth; felt like I was chewing sand. I feel like I’ve been getting sand out of my ears for the last few days. 
The rest of the day and part of the evening the winds were 40 mph steady and the news said we got over 60 mph gusts. I truly believe it. Luckily, we are pretty compact and relatively heavy so other than a lot of rocking we were fine. The temps dropped overnight and now we are on the cold side of that front. There was talk of snow for the area but that never materialized. Today is cold and breezy but tomorrow is suppose to start warming up and temps will be back in the 70s by the weekend. 
We have used the time here to get to a few of our favorite stores and get errands done. A trip to Whole Foods for some organic veggies, got out of there for $20 which is pretty good. Then to my all time favorite, Trader Joe’s. We haven’t had a chance to shop at one since last spring. So we stocked up on all our favorite items including some wine, beer, nuts and frozen foods. It made me a happy camper!
We originally were going to check out Marble Brewery too, but got there to find out they don’t open until 1 pm and it was only noon. So instead we went to a BBQ place we had noticed near Whole Foods that looked busy and that sounded good. The place is called Rudy’s and was an interesting place. It is counter service and the board has all kinds of different meats listed per pound and sides in a cooler as you went through. We were thoroughly confused as to how all this works and the manager/owner noticed our confusion and came to our rescue. He explained that you order whatever meat you want and how much, he recommended a 1/4 to 1/3 pound per person and then they give you two slices of bread to go with it and all the sauces are on the tables. Since we were newbies he also went and got a couple samples of the meat for us to try. Brisket is the specialty and they have a lean brisket or a moist brisket. Their moist brisket is amazing; after one taste it is what John and I both had. All I can say is it definitely isn’t on my diet but it was heavenly. I also had their potato salad and John had the pinto beans. We both agreed they were delicious. We both give this restaurant a thumbs up, so if you are in Albuquerque check out Rudy’s! (they have locations in El Paso too)
Tomorrow we head to Winslow AZ and the Homolovi State Park. The temps there are suppose to be in the high 50s with 70s by Thursday, sounds good. This is our last stop before the Grand Canyon. 
We know all our friends back in the Midwest have been having warmer spring like weather, so I hope that continues for you and that spring continues its early arrival there. I hope our weather matches yours soon. :)

Happy Trails............................

Friday, March 16, 2012

Captain's Log: Thunderbolt kid

John and I both read this book recently. It is by the same author as A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson. We would find ourselves laughing out loud and reading portions to each other. I thought John should tell you about this book as so much of it mirrored his own childhood. So today you are treated to a Captain's log.

Captain's Log: The Thunderbolt Kid

"The Thunderbolt Kid" is a book by Bill Bryson about growing up in the 50's and 60's. Since we're about the same age, his reminisces about growing up in Des Moines Iowa reminded me of growing up in Carlsbad New Mexico and the upper peninsula of Michigan.

I spent my first four years in Carlsbad, so I don't remember a lot, but I remember my first girl friend, Vicki, the girl who lived across the street. She had a younger brother who liked to eat dirt. Mr Bryson talks about running behind the DDT truck that would drive through neighborhoods trailing a fog of insecticide behind it. I remember that: a group of kids enjoying the cool mist of insecticide on a hot day. DDT was eventually banned, but not because of health risks to humans. Or so I'm hoping. I also remember a bread truck, Bunny Bread, that would come through selling small loafs of bead to kids like the ice cream trucks sell ice cream today. I've never met anyone who knows what I'm talking about, and Mr Bryson doesn't mention it either, but I loved that bread.

The Thunder Bolt Kid also talks about being kicked out of the house in the morning with the expectation that you should entertain yourself until evening. After the family move to Wakefield Michigan when I was about five, that's what I remember. By then, I wasn't the youngest so my mother had other things to keep her busy. After breakfast, I was on my own and that was fine with me. If I showed up for lunch I would get fed, along with whoever was with me. If not, then I was mooching off of someone else. We were expected to be home when the street lights came on.

I learned to ride a bike when I was five. I actually got the bike in Carlsbad when I was four, but the training wheels didn't come off until Wakefield. It was a Huffy with big fat tires. I had that bike all the way through high school, although by then it wasn't my only bike. I put a banana seat on it at some point, but otherwise it was all stock. When I went to college, my parents sold it. I was bummed when I found out. I loved that bike. I remember pushing that bike home when I was I was in third grade because the fenders had been bent into the tires to the point where they wouldn't turn. Probably because we were playing follow the leader and none of us had any sense. Nothing my Dad couldn't fix.

Lots of other memories from that time, and I was able to go back and revisit the scene of some of my fondest memories in Wakefield and Bessemer Michigan last summer. Of course, lots of things have changed since then. Mr Bryson also points out some of the current events of the time that seem almost surreal today. It was the dawn of the nuclear age, the space race and the cold war. Interesting times.

Happy Trails................

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A couple great weeks at Elephant Butte NM

The retreating storm clouds
As I mentioned in the last post we decided to stay an extra week here at Elephant Butte and we are so glad we did. Now, last Saturday we wondered about our decision as it got very cold on Friday and then on Saturday we had snow showers. That is not something we enjoy seeing, however the air temp was still in the 40s so it melted as it hit the ground. Sunday we moved into our new space and even though it was a little chilly for the move by afternoon the temps were on the rise. From Monday on it has been in the 70s and the 80s. So all in all we have had more good weather than bad and we are glad we stayed. 
Sparky's in Hatch NM

Love all the kitchy statues.
Tuesday we drove down to Hatch NM, the place all those great green chilies come from. We actually did a quick drive through on our way here but the place we wanted to eat was very, very busy. That’s always a good sign of quality. The place, Sparky’s, was recommended to us by Loren that we met in Kerrville. I also wanted to check a couple of their retail places. So off we went and we weren’t disappointed. The Green Chile Cheeseburger is as good as it is billed! Thanks Loren for the recommendation. 
Wednesday we decided to take a long hike. There is a maintained trail that leaves the campground called the West Lakefront trail. On my runs I had been to the 1 mile marker but no further. So we took of on the trail and hiked about 2 miles to the road to the Three Sisters area. The trail is mainly flat and to say it is lakefront is a little bit of a stretch, you can see the lake but in the first 2 miles you don’t come very close to the lake. We decided we wanted to see if we could get to along the shoreline so down the road we went. On the way there, nearer to the water, are about 4-5 private residences, John took a photo of a sign on one of the properties. I just have to share that one with you. He is such a guy. :)

We took off towards the rock formation called the Three Sisters, which we can actually see from our campground, beyond that is the shoreline. The day was pretty hot but down along the shore was a nice breeze. Instead of going back the way we came we thought a walk along the shoreline to the boat ramp near the campground sounded like a much nicer and it certainly was. We also got to see more birds this way which was an added bonus. We hiked for over 2 hours, which we think put us at about 5-6 miles. We didn’t stop for very long, so it is hard to say.
Birds on a stick. :)

It has been a wonderful week and we are watching the weather for our move. We would like to go up to Albuquerque for a couple days and then on to Winzlow AZ and from there to the Grand Canyon. Sunday to Wednesday looks iffy. The drive to Albuquerque is I25 and has areas known for wind issues. I am hoping we can get there Sunday by midday and then wait out the next front that is suppose to push through. I am always thankful for the internet and As we get closer we will know more. We do have a whole week to get to the Grand Canyon (actually 8 days) so we can adjust our route or the days we leave accordingly. We even could stay here several more days if we choose. The New Mexico parks allow you to stay for 21 days, which is nice. 
Our new site
I know the rest of the country has also experienced a nice week with warm days, even in the midwest. We hope you all have had a chance to enjoy it.
Happy Trails.............................. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Wind Blown Day

Elephant Butte Reservoir

Not much new here at Elephant Butte except for the wind. We knew this was coming and it is March so we expect some windy days. The trailer’s been rockin’ since late yesterday afternoon, but it’s supposed to quiet down a little tonight. I am glad we are as far south as we are. Northern New Mexico has a winter storm warning and is expecting snow. I do worry a little since we have reservations at the Grand Canyon the last week in March. I hope the weather doesn’t mess that up too much. On a brighter note we’ve decided to stay here another week and I actually decided to book one of the reserved sites. They really have nice views and even with the reservation fee are very affordable. So after walking around the two reservable loops we picked #22 and will move to that site on Sunday. We will need to dump our tanks anyway so moving sites won’t be anymore inconvenient than if we left and moved on. After that we will have a week to make our way to the Grand Canyon.
One thing we have been doing since we are here is getting our workouts in. Recently I got a new android phone and thought I’d share some of the technology out there that I use to help me know how I am doing. When I leave the trailer to run I take the following equipment with me: a polar heart rate monitor and my phone.
Polar heart rate monitor belt and receiver, and android phone with Endomondo app
The polar heart rate monitor has a band that goes around your chest and a watch that is the receiver on your wrist. The one I use is the basic one, but there are versions that do all kinds of wonderful things. This one keeps track of my heart rate and allows me to set a training zone. It also records my average heart rate and max heart rate for my workout. I chose to use a monitor when I decided to do interval training. This is actually a simple program where you alternate slower and faster paces and is a way to push yourself. There is a lot of evidence that this style of training boosts your metabolism more than just long slow distance running. I actually do both. 
I take my android phone for two functions. One is an app I have called Endomondo that can track my run distance with GPS and keeps track of my speed and time. I like that when I get to a mile it gives my split time (the time it took for that mile). Since we are constantly changing locations it helps me map a workout in the area I am in. The campground loop here is .85 miles around, where when I was at Kerrville it was only .36 mi. around. My phone also has a timer I use for my intervals that is easy to read and helps me keep the intervals going.
Getting in shape and staying that way is a constant battle. Luckily I do enjoy running most of the time. Like anyone, there are days I just don’t want to do it but I have tried to keep my eye on the prize. I think the frustrating part for me is putting it all together: the aerobics, resistance training,  and the diet.  Right now I am doing pretty well with both the running and resistance workouts but my diet still needs a lot of work. I’ve never figured out why bad habits are so easy to get into and goods ones so difficult. 
I know many of you may not be interested in this stuff but since I am stuck inside I thought I’d share some of this stuff for those who might doing some of the same things.
Happy Trails.............................

Monday, March 5, 2012

I have missed this

Elephant Butte Reservoir

What is this? The quiet, the solitude, the peacefulness, the big sky and the beautiful views. I didn’t realize until last night once we got all set up and we sat down to relax. I told John to listen, what do you hear? Nothing, it was so calm and quiet. There is no road noise here and they are very few people and so the quiet was overwhelming and beautiful. 
The view from our site

Our site
As the sun went down we made a fire, we’ve been carrying around fire wood since October but have had no opportunities to burn it. The wood was a gift from some folks who we met at Glen Elder State park in Kansas. I love a campfire and 4 months without one is just too long, so a night by the fire was just what I needed. 
We are at the South Monticello campground at Elephant Butte State Park in New Mexico. We stayed here last year at the end of March. It was one of my favorite campgrounds from our travels last year so it was an easy decision to return. If you haven’t checked out the New Mexico State Parks you should put them on your list. We have been in two and one of these winters we are going to buy an annual pass and just knock around these parks for a couple months. The nightly rate is just $14 for water and electric. A season pass for non-residents is $225. Once you have the pass the sites are just $4. If you stay past a month the season pass makes financial sense. Either way these parks are a bargain. 

Today started with a beautiful and very calm morning. March tends to be a very windy month in much of the southwest so we try to take advantage of the calm days. After our runs we decided to get the kayak out on the water for awhile. Its been so long we hoped we remembered how to get it ready. Together we figured it out and were out on the water before noon.

You know how when your driving towards the mountains, they always look a lot closer than they really are? Well the other side of this lake is the same way. We headed towards the rocky area directly across from us. We finally thought we were getting there when we saw a motor boat by the shore; it was very small and gave us some perspective on how far away the shore still was. When you are paddling on a lake there is no current to help you along so we floated a little, had a snack and headed back to the dock. Good thing we did too. A little ways from shore the winds started to pick up so the paddling got a little tougher. Shortly after we got back and got the boat out, the winds increased significantly. Man were we lucky. If we get another calm day we may go out again but we’ll stay a little closer to shore.
I know the weather out there has been violent in many parts of the midwest and south. I hope all of you are safe and well. Spring is here and with it comes the tornados and with the warm winter they are here much sooner. To all our fellow travelers - be safe out there.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Impressions of Texas

Our home at the Triple T for the last month

Tomorrow morning we head out towards New Mexico. We will still have one more night in Texas, possibly Balmoreah. We’ve been in Texas two full months. We have been in the south costal area in Port O’Connor, in Galveston, Houston, Rockport, the Austin area and the hill country. I’ve been thinking about what we have experienced here in Texas. So here are some of our impressions of this state:
  • It’s big. Yeah you always here it but there’s a reason and that’s because it is BIG! You need at least a couple days to get anywhere.
  • Most of the ranches and farms are huge and they seem to all have gates. I’m from an agricultural area but you don’t see gates like these at all the farms in Iowa.
  • I thought I would see lots of cattle, and we have seen some but what we have seen more of are goats, lots and lots of goats. We’ve been told they are raised for meat and a lot of it is exported.
  • It is diverse. We’ve been in large urban areas, the flat coastal lands, the hills of the hill country (duh) and flat high plains and desert. 
  • Texans are very proud of their state. You see the Lone Star everywhere. On houses, on gates, on cars, on clothes. On just about everything you can think of.
  • Texas are also very friendly, we have always felt welcomed wherever we have been. 
Ann, Sharon, John, Lonny, and Lauren
Sophie photo from Lonny
We have enjoyed our time here. Like most of the places we have traveled to, the people we met along the way have made it even better. Here at the Triple T Resort we have gotten to know two couples in the park. Lonny and Sharon and their adorable little puppy Sophie and Lauren and Ann. Wednesday we all went to the Chickin’ Coop in Bandera for burgers, it was a beautiful night and lots of fun. Tonight was gorgeous out so we did another happy hour and talked until it got to cold to sit outside. We’ve exchanged information and I hope we will meet again somewhere out on the road.
So we’ll say goodbye for now to Texas and,
Happy Trails.................................