Impressions of Texas

Our home at the Triple T for the last month

Tomorrow morning we head out towards New Mexico. We will still have one more night in Texas, possibly Balmoreah. We’ve been in Texas two full months. We have been in the south costal area in Port O’Connor, in Galveston, Houston, Rockport, the Austin area and the hill country. I’ve been thinking about what we have experienced here in Texas. So here are some of our impressions of this state:
  • It’s big. Yeah you always here it but there’s a reason and that’s because it is BIG! You need at least a couple days to get anywhere.
  • Most of the ranches and farms are huge and they seem to all have gates. I’m from an agricultural area but you don’t see gates like these at all the farms in Iowa.
  • I thought I would see lots of cattle, and we have seen some but what we have seen more of are goats, lots and lots of goats. We’ve been told they are raised for meat and a lot of it is exported.
  • It is diverse. We’ve been in large urban areas, the flat coastal lands, the hills of the hill country (duh) and flat high plains and desert. 
  • Texans are very proud of their state. You see the Lone Star everywhere. On houses, on gates, on cars, on clothes. On just about everything you can think of.
  • Texas are also very friendly, we have always felt welcomed wherever we have been. 
Ann, Sharon, John, Lonny, and Lauren
Sophie photo from Lonny
We have enjoyed our time here. Like most of the places we have traveled to, the people we met along the way have made it even better. Here at the Triple T Resort we have gotten to know two couples in the park. Lonny and Sharon and their adorable little puppy Sophie and Lauren and Ann. Wednesday we all went to the Chickin’ Coop in Bandera for burgers, it was a beautiful night and lots of fun. Tonight was gorgeous out so we did another happy hour and talked until it got to cold to sit outside. We’ve exchanged information and I hope we will meet again somewhere out on the road.
So we’ll say goodbye for now to Texas and,
Happy Trails.................................


  1. make sure to find us some spot in NMEX for when we get there :)...

  2. And say goodbye to good old HEB. :)

  3. We enjoyed hearing about your travels in Texas. Travel safe!

  4. We are anxious to hear your impressions of NM. Safe travels.

  5. Hey dont forget us! you met us there too! and I met Sharon, and we met Lauren. Sounds like all of you had great times together.
    We turned around and came back West. We are at South Llano River SP. Definitely the most awesome State Park we have been in. we can finally breathe again! any chance you will want to pull in for a night tomorrow? You have our email but we didnt get yours. will you send an email?

  6. Wishing that was our camper in the photo. We have a 30rso too, but ours is sitting in 6" of snow. Safe travels.

  7. Isn't it nice to make friends all over the country? Texas is one state we want to spend some time in.

  8. Ya'll sound like you're having a blast! I'm looking to going to graduate school in texas next year so I'm glad to hear you liked it. Looking forward to seeing you guys at a special event over the summer ;) stay in touch, Big Al


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