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So I have been on a vacation of sorts. If you are still out there you probably wonder what’s become of me (or maybe not). John and I have been busy and even spent a week in Minnesota with friends but alas I have not had the inclination to blog. In fact, I have been spending less time online. I do get on and check email and Facebook but haven’t really spent much time reading except for things to do with knitting.
I confess, I have become an addict.

My hand knitted socks!
Evie in a little pumpkin hat
I knitted he
When I find something I enjoy doing I tend to jump in the deep end. Online I have found some great video classes at and some other video workshops online. I swear, whatever you need to learn is on Youtube! I feel like Naomi in Winters CA gave me a solid enough start that now I feel confident watching the videos and understand at least most of what they are saying or doing. I made my first pair of socks by following a video class from and I love them. Then I followed a pattern from Susan B. Anderson ( finishing a pair out of a really fun sock yarn and I already have another pair on the needles. I’ve been knitting hats, cowls, leg-warmers for Evie, and fingerless mittens. If we aren’t doing something outside the trailer, I am usually knitting.

I have even found a way to be somewhat involved with a knitting group online. I found several podcasts by knitters that have helped to fill that need. When we stay in one place long enough where there is a yarn shop, I’ll probably seek out another knitting group. I do miss the group of ladies I knitted with in Winters. Being a full time RVer, I think I just need to be a little creative in seeking out the knitting community. I know there are many RV knitters out there like Donna Clapham who is an inspiration to me. She has made so many beautiful things. So let me know if you are one of them!

We are still in the Cedar Rapids area bouncing between parks but summer is quickly coming to an end and I have had to get serious about looking ahead to our travels. We have reservations in Fort Walton Beach FL for the winter but we have several months to get there and trying to decide which way to go has been a challenge. There is so much country we haven’t seen going this direction, so we have decided to wander through the South. I think our first destination out of here will be Mark Twain Lake near Hannibal MO.  Friends Jeff and Dawn ( said this is a great lake and its about the right distance. After that we will stay near St. Louis for a couple days and then head on down towards Branson, Hot Springs and Little Rock. Then we will play it by ear according to the weather. It is hurricane season, so if they become an issue we can stay a little further north. Having the flexibility to change our minds is always nice. I feel good with things now that I have a general direction planned.
The Falows: Megan, Sarah, Mary, Greg & Laura
A good looking crew


John and Mary on one of our rides
Our trip to Minnesota was lots of fun. My friend Mary and her family live in Waconia. She is a single mom with 4 kids. Her son is on his own working in Boulder, CO but was back for the week we were there. Greg was my son Mitch’s best friend when they lived in Cedar Rapids so it was great to spend a little time with him. Then there are three girls: Sarah, a senior in nursing at U of M; Megan, a sophmore at U of Iowa; and Laura  who is a sophomore in high school. They were all there and they are all lots of fun just like their mom. I did a family photo of all of them at the U of M’s Arboretum before we left.

John and Mary at Soveriegn Winery getting me a wine flight!

A little Bistro on the Dakota Rail trail

Deer playing chicken with a bike rider- biker wins!

Lake at Excelsior MN

We had a great time. We rode a couple bike trails: the Dakota Rail Trail, and the Regional Trail from Excelsior. The Regional Trail took us to a trail through the Carver Reserve. Minnesota has some of the best bike trails you will find and I’m so glad we got to enjoy them.  Most of the time was just spent together visiting and laughing together. Mary is one of my friends I consider a sister of the heart. Sometimes we go for long periods where we don’t see each other but once we get together its like we were never apart. I have to say after a week it was a little hard to say good bye.

We are still doing plenty of babysitting. Emily started classes at Mt. Mercy college today and this week we are babysitting every day. Next week her mom will be taking over. Saying goodbye to this little one will be the toughest moment  before we get on the road again. 
Evie with Grandpa at her first campfire!

Hope you are all making the most of the end of summer and have a great holiday weekend. I think traveling will once again get the writing flowing, if I can tear myself away from the needles. Until then................Happy Trails............


  1. There are times when I think about not blogging - especially when we're really just sitting still doing the same ole thing all the time. But we'll see as time goes on. Sounds like you have had a wonderful summer especially with that Evie girl.

  2. Good to hear from you. I was wondering what happened to you. I too get lazy about blogging when we're parked for the summer. If not for the wedding this year, I wouldn't have had much to say. We camped at a Corp of Engineers park many years ago called Canon Dam near Hannibal,MO. I remember it as having a nice campground. Branson is not that far from Coffeyville. Maybe we can come visit for a day if the timing works out. Glad you're enjoying your knitting and granddaughter!

  3. Great to catch up with you. I think it's great to do things other than blogging. I haven't blogged nearly as much this year as I have in the past. Gotta live life too!! Loved that picture with family in the tree...great composition!

  4. I've missed you and am so glad to see you have had such a nice summer. I taught myself how to knit by watching YOuTube videos also. LOL! I made a heap of ruffled scarves for family and friends which turned out really nice. You've inspired me to branch out and try some more projects. I had no idea there were online knitting groups.

    Safe travels! If you are in the Sanibel area this winter be sure to look us up.

  5. Yeah, blogging gets to be a chore when you don't have much to report :) Now that we're getting ready to move again, I'll have more to say! We'll be working in Ocala National Forest November - April, but a long way from Fort Walton Beach. We are excited to sit in a new state for awhile.

  6. THERE you are! Good to see you post again. Looking forward to Thanksgiving together!

  7. I'm a knitter and crocheter. Been reading your blog for a while now. I've got yarn stashed all over the RV.
    Check out my FT RV blog:
    I too miss my knitting buddies, but I'm not outgoing enough to bother trying to fit into a local yarn shop knitting group for just a couple of weeks.

  8. I [heart] your socks. I don't knit well enough to make socks. Just things that are rectangles or squaroidinal.


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