Georgia on my mind......

Now this is a big site!

We are still at the Petersburg campground in Appling GA. We were suppose to leave last Monday but we were feeling that need to be away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and parks we had been in. I’m a pretty social person, just ask anyone who has met me. In fact, I probably (well more actually than probably) talk too much so it may come as a surprise that there are times I crave solitude. I think it is what appeals to me about this lifestyle. When you want, you can plant yourself somewhere with lots of things to see and do and other times you can hide away in a forested campsite along a lake like this one.
This site is one of the smaller ones and its still big enough for his boat too!

On Monday we dumped our tanks and moved to a different campsite. We were in #55 which is a huge pull through but not a great view of the lake and the picnic table was one that was cemented in and was a long ways from the rig. I stopped at the gate earlier in the week and asked about sites more on the lake that would be open for another week. Many are booked for this weekend so the one we came up with is in the same loop: #58. This site has a nice lake view and access to lake side where there is a nice lawn area to sit. The only negative thing I can say is watch as you back in as one side of the drive is really sloped. We didn’t notice that until we started and then had to pull out or risk the trailer going overboard. Moved over and though it was tilted some it was a much nicer back in.  So we have been enjoying some time with nature. This park is big enough I can get a 3+ mile walk in just going around every camping loop--love it!
Laurie & George

On Sunday we went into Augusta, about 25 min away to meet up with fellow RVers and bloggers Laurie and George Owens (Owens on the Road).  We checked in on several restaurants on Trip Advisor and had to go down the list a little ways to find one that was open on Sunday, not used to that. We decided on the Whiskey Kitchen bar and grill. They have an interesting menu that seems to be a fusion of Southern BBQ, Mexican, and Japanese.  Interesting food and a couple craft brews on tap so we can’t complain.  It was fun getting to talk to Laurie and George, our paths have almost crossed a couple times so it was nice to finally meet. Sharing with other full time RVers is always fun and I hope we meet up again somewhere down the road. 
At our new site we get to watch this heron fish.
This is another colorful visitor to our site.

I really don’t have much to report on this week. We have been doing lots of walking, getting our strength training in and then just kicking back, John reading and me knitting. The weather has also been almost perfect, mainly in the 70s, humidity not too high and calm or sometimes a light breeze. Yesterday was probably close to a perfect day so we celebrated with a campfire. I am a happy girl. Tomorrow the weather is going to change and you can kind of feel it in the air even now, the humidity has really shot up and some clouds have rolled in and rain is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I think we will use the day to go in and get a few groceries and fuel for our next journey. Next week we will be going to Skidway Island State Park near Savannah GA.

If you know me you know a campfire always makes me happy. :)
Happy Trails..............


  1. Batten down the hatches if you are in line for the same storm that came through the Houston area today. Many inches in an eight hour torrential rain.

  2. a campfire always makes Jeffrey happy too! Good for you, going to meet other RV bloggers. We have had a few opportunities and made possible plans, but then didn't make it happen. Enjoy Savannah. See you in FL soon!

  3. You sure seem to have a nice spot there being able to watch the Heron fish.

    Glad you were able to meet up with fellow bloggers too. Hope the weather stays nice and warm - sounds great!

  4. We really enjoyed finally meeting you in person. I hope our paths will meet again!

  5. I can totally relate to the need for solitude occasionally. I can take about three days of socializing and then I need my "me" time in order to recharge. And you really have a beautiful spot for recharging. Enjoy.

  6. Georgia is on my mind too and even though it's been a bit cold here (in the mountains) at times, I'm still not ready to leave Georgia. It looks like you have found a wonderful place to stay. We enjoyed meeting Lauri and George too!

  7. We've driven through Georgia on the way to Florida several times and went on a day trip to Savannah several years ago. It's one state I'm looking forward to exploring further someday. Glad you're having a relaxing stay. Evie looks adorable in her lion costume!

  8. Quiet campgrounds and campfires are definitely meant to be enjoyed as long as possible.

  9. We are about two weeks behind you. We plan on visiting Skidway State Park after Nashville, Pigeon Forge and Charleston. Let us know what you think. We are at Rend Lake after a week visit at Sangchris State Park near Springfield,IL.


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