Beautiful Savannah

One of the beautiful fountains in the town squares

Round House at the museum
Before visiting we heard many good things about Savannah and I think we agree with them all. This is a beautiful city with an amazing Historic District. When we drove into town we were looking for the Visitors Center because we read they had public parking. Well, we made a wrong turn so we pulled in to the Georgia Railroad Museum to turn around but then noticed they had a great parking lot, especially for this honkin’ big truck and the gate said they were open 9am to 5 pm. Best of all no charge for the parking. We also are big suckers for train museums so we checked this one out before we went across the street to the visitors center. The train museum charged $10 a piece but with parking included and the tickets good for 3 days we bought the tickets. The museum is the old train yard complete with a round house and a turntable. The table actually works and we got to see it in action our second trip in. They have a short train ride on the weekends and we had hoped to do that on Friday but we didn’t make it back in time. We did get to see the train come in and get moved on the table. If you like train museums, I feel this one is worth the price.
Train on the turn table

The sign in the flowers is where Forest waited for the bus
One of the best things about the city is how walkable the historic district is. We did take a trolley tour the first day which I think was good to fill us in on the history and give us the lay of the land but after that we walked both days and it was just beautiful. We have been so lucky with the weather this year and this week has been basically sunny with
Can't you just see that feather floating down
highs in the low 70s and lows at night in the hight 40s. Great temps for walking the city streets. The city is built on a grid with little town squares every few blocks. The traffic around the squares is all one way and reminds me of a traffic circle. Friday we just walked from one town square to another and saw most of them but not all. They are little parks with monuments or fountains and all nicely done. Chippewa square is where Forrest Gump sat and waited for the bus and told his story. The bench is gone but the locals can tell you where it is. Not far from there is the church steeple where you see the feather fall from in the opening scene of the movie. The diner where Jenny worked is right around the corner. That is one of my all time favorite movies so it was fun to be there.
The road along the river

We also checked out the walk along the Savannah River. It has cool old cobblestone streets and a view of the Port of Savannah. We got to see a couple big yachts and a huge cargo ship go by.  We ate at the Moon River brewery on Wednesday and at Wild Wings (not Buffalo Wild Wings, just Wild Wings) in the City Market area. Both days it was nice enough to eat outside. Yea!!! There are lots of little shops and restaurants everywhere you look. They even had a yarn shop called Wild Fibre and I was able to get the needles I needed for a project I am ready to start. 

There is much more to do in Savannah than we had time to do. I think you could spend a month here and still have more to do. Guess that means we will have to come back again.

City Market area

Tomorrow we will check out Hilton Head and on Monday we will move to another Georgia State park: Stephen C. Foster SP. This one is in the Okefenokee swamp and I have read many great reviews of the park. It will be a slower week and time to kick back and enjoy the swamp. I hear they have lots of alligators. I’ve never seen an alligator in the wild so that will be a new experience.

Happy Trails..........................


  1. Thanks for the tour and great pics. Savannah sure looks like a beautiful city and along with Charleston is one of the southern cities I'd love to visit someday.

    Watch out for those gators!

  2. I have heard so many good reports on Savannah. I'm hoping maybe next year we can spend some time there.

  3. I forgot about the Forrest Gump connection with Savannah! It is one of our favorite movies as well. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a great book and a decent movie, has also influenced my view of Savannah.

    Charleston is quite the refined Southern city, but to me Savannah is more authentic and edgy--which I like. I like all the stories of ghosts there in what some call our America's most haunted city. It's an alluring place.

  4. Thanks for the tour. It has been many years since we have been to Savannah and hope to visit again next year. Hilton Head holds a lot of great memories for me. Hope you both enjoy it.


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