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Just a quick post to let you know we are still here and ok but are having some computer issues. My MacBook has treated me well for a lot of years but recently the track pad has only been working intermittently making it difficult to blog. For Christmas I got a Kindle fire and I am now learning to use it. I don't know if it will meet all my needs but I like it and it will have to work for now. Photos and how to deal with them is my biggest obstacle. I will probably try to do that with the Mac when it is cooperating.
We are in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and love it. The Destin West RV Resort is in an ideal place. The bay is on one side and across the road I'd the Gulf with beautiful beaches. Our friends Sheryl and Jeff were here the last couple weeks and we enjoyed our time with them but they left on Thursday. We are now just beginning to discover the area on our own. I hope to share more of this area in photos soon. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving
So until I figure some more solutions out..........
.........Happy Trails.


  1. You have been missed. Hope you get everything worked out.

  2. Computer issues drive me crazy. Good luck with the Kindle and eventually we'll be seeing some of those great pictures again.

  3. Hope you get those Mac issues settled. Thanks for the update.

  4. My wife and I have spent the last 2 Novembers renting a condo on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach and also love the area. We put our popup trailer into storage for the winter and have driven down from Canada to escape what I think is the worst month of the year - shorter days, dreary weather, and colder temps!

    We have found so much to do in the Destin area - kayaking on the Gulf (when the wind is right) or some of the dune lakes or back bays and rivers, cycling along 30A or through the Gulf Islands seashore between Navaro Beach and Pensacola Beach, hiking in the Point Washington State Forest, yoga classes at Dragonfly Yoga, working out at the Y in FWB, low impact aerobics classes at the Destin Community Center, and taking our dog to the miles long stretch of dog beach at Mexico Beach. And of course the beautiful white sandy beaches - in November there are so many areas where you will be the only one on the beach.

    There is also so much to photograph - the wildlife (we saw snakes, dolphins, rays, shore birds, and even some bald eagles), sunrises, and sunsets. Looking forward to see your pictures!

  5. We are down to our last two weeks at Amazon, counting down the days. I know you two know what that feels like! We have had very limited internet here so know the frustration. I have given up on blogging until we leave here. We look forward to seeing you both in Destin after the first of the year. :)

  6. If your track pad on your Mac is going south buy an external keyboard. You can buy one for around $20 or less.


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