Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy......

Remember that John Denver song? It’s one of my favorites and it is so true. One of the things I have learned about myself in the last couple of years is that I need the sunshine. We have had several marvelous days here at Canyon Lake and even extended our stay a day. I don’t think I am ready to leave the hill country just yet so we are modifying our plans... oh wait we don’t have a plan... Yeah!!!!!!! Tomorrow we are going to move but just a little ways up to Blanco State Park. Our Texas State Park pass doesn’t expire until mid March so I want to take advantage of it. This park has FHU sites too which is just a bonus. Tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day but then a storm is coming through, Thursday and Friday look pretty nasty but the extended forecast  looks like the sun will return. It may not be as warm but as long as the sun is out I’m good. The good thing is if that proves not to be true we can move on to the west.

We have even considered returning to this park for another couple weeks. We are at Potter’s Creek Campground (COE) on Canyon Lake and we love this park. It is only electric and water but we can deal with that easy enough. They do have a non-reservable loop and after talking to people on that loop it seems you can stay longer than 14 days if you get approval. We may not want to stay longer than 14 days but it’s nice to know that’s an option. The cost really makes it an attractive option. 

We are trying to save a little on campground fees now because there is one spot I’d like to go and it is expensive but I think would be so worth it. That spot is Wahweap campground on Lake Powell. It’s not a for sure thing but one I am really hoping for so if I can save a little now then I can talk John into spending a little more later. As long as the sun is shining I don’t have a driving need to move on so stay tuned, it’s an evolving plan.

These last few days have been a reminder of why and how we like to do this. We are taking long walks and sitting in the sun to read, knit or just soak up the view and the rays. We have made a couple trips into town to do errands but basically staying close to home. Amazon is becoming a distant memory...thank goodness.

Hope everyone is staying warm.

Happy Trails.......................................


  1. Ah yes, having the sun shining on your face feels so good! We have enjoyed the last 3 days of nice sunshine after 2 cold, cloudy, rainy weeks!

  2. So glad you've found the sun. I am the same way. I can't believe I survived winters in Wisconsin for as long as I did with all the gloomy days. We enjoyed our stay at Blanco State Park when we were in Texas. The Johnson Ranch is a great site to visit if you haven't been there yet.

  3. We have stayed at Potters Creek over the years and were there earlier this month. It is one of our favorites. Waheap is another favorite…you're right, it's not cheap, but we always stop for a few nights in early April on our way to our Yellowstone gig. Safe travels!

  4. Yesterday here in No CA was cloudy/foggy/grey until about 3 pm. I stayed in all day :( Looking like high 70's and sun the rest of the week, so I'm happy too! We'll have to check into that COE for workamping in the future :)

  5. I also have a dire need for sunshine; Campbellsville did not provide much this fall, but it wasn't really nice anywhere this year. We're staying at Wahweap the end of April/early May with plans to visit Antelope Canyon and whatever else fun we can get into :-). Looking forward to it and reading your review if you get there before us.

  6. Sunshine makes all the difference, doesn't it? This looks like a lovely place to kick back and relax. Take care you two. :)

  7. Sunshine on the water looks so lovely ..... Love JD! Looks like a great spot. We have to do more TX exploring soon. Thanks for sharing


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