Time to move north

The month has flown by and the temps have risen here in Phoenix. It's been great having a nice warm winter but 90+ even in a "dry heat" is a little too warm for us northern folks so it is definitely time to move north. Tomorrow we will move just a little north to Dead Horse Ranch State park. We will only be there a couple nights then it will be on to Lake Powell for a little more than a week and then Moab Utah for a week. So our move north will be gradual and looking at the forecasts for these areas, it looks to be a little cooler.

The month here has been great and full of fun activities. We went to 4 baseball games,an NHL game, two RV shows and a jazz festival. There is still much more we could have done and more people we could have visited. We will try to catch them next time. 

Our time with Kevin and Evelyn was great and we look forward to seeing them again down the road. Time with Char and Bill was also a treat. They are planning their next move and it was fun to hear about their plans.

This post will be short as I am writing this on my Kindle Fire as my laptop is toast. I spilled a whole cup of coffee on the keyboard and I don't think we will be able to save it. That means we have to figure out what to do. Can we go with just tablets or do we need to replace it with something? Not sure yet and we need to play with how to handle our photos, particularly the ones from my big camera. So for now no photos. The next month we really won't be anywhere to shop for electronics or much of anything for that matter. I will post again once we figure this out. So until then...
Happy Trails........


  1. yikes, sorry to hear about the 'puter...

  2. Sorry to hear about your laptop. Safe travels!

  3. Oh my! I would have cried. George has an Ipad and a laptop, but still just uses his smartphone to surf. I on the other hand use my laptop for everything, and my Kindle Fire for quick look ups. Safe travels north!


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