Happy Valentine's Day

A view from the trail above our park

Can't believe we are in the middle of the month already, just seems to fly by. We are currently at the Escapees Saguaro Co-Op park in Benson AZ. Our original intention was to stay one week and just maybe two. Well two it was until our mail didn't arrive at the post office by Friday, so let's make it 3 weeks. Hopefully we will be ready to move on a week from today. The good part is we really like this park and are on their hot list for a lease. Our number is well down the list and we still are not certain where we will land but being on the list makes this a possibility several years out. ( we are currently  #207).

It is a quiet park with lots of nice people but not as much to do as where we were in Yuma or Tucson. There are some good trails adjacent to the park that are good hikes, not so good for my running. Tried it and took a fall, just a little road rash but decided they are not for running, at least for me. One of the great features of this park is the workshop John is able to use. He went to work on a couple of unfinished projects and loved having access to a table saw and several other great power tools. That is actually why we stayed the second week and indirectly why we are staying a third. He did a couple projects inside that required a lot of bending twisting etc. and then changed the fuel filters on the truck, which meant a lot of crawling around under the truck. Not sure which project or maybe the combination of all them made his lower back give out but such is the case.
Had to make a stop here

Last week did take one day to check out Bisbee AZ. It's a nice little town that was once the largest city in Arizona when the copper mines were working. It was truly an old west city and has a great history. If you are there do check out the museum. Now it's more of a little artist community with galleries, shops and restaurants. It was a nice day for being a tourist.

Our first week here was cold. The day time temps were in the 40s and we had snow one day, though none of it stuck. At the end of the first week we started to see the temps rise and now it's actually a little hot during the day with highs in the 80s. That is all right with me. What I like about the desert is the days tend to be warm and the nights cool. We keep our furnace at 55 because we like it cold for sleeping but last night, for the first time in awhile, it never came on. Usually we have the fireplace on in the morning and the fans in the afternoon.
Bisbee AZ

Since it is Valentine's day, I want to share with you one of the joys of this lifestyle; being around couples who truly love each other. In these parks it is not unusual to see older couples holding hands as they walk. I think if you live in such small quarters at least liking each other is pretty important and loving each other too is a real help. I'm not saying you don't see this other places but I do think it's more common in these communities.
Downtown Bisbee

I have been very lucky in my life to find someone who not only do I love but I also like. This life would not be possible without him. There is a song by Clint Black that I think of when I think of our life together and, since it's Valentine's Day, I think that gives me license to be a little mushy. So I will leave you with a link to the song and music video. Hope you enjoy it and your Valentine's Day.

It's Something that We Do


  1. Love that song! Been reading a lot about Bisbee on other bloggers' posts, looks like a fun place.


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