Back in Iowa

I seem to be back to my scattered self and intermitent blogging. When we are in Iowa sometimes it feels as if we never left and life takes on a routine pace. We are not working this summer and that seems a little strange after two summers working at the ball park. We wanted to be more available to help with our granddaughter and with John now on Social Security we have enough to get by financially. This winter was the least expensive of any winter previously so that helps too. 

My beautiful Little Evie
We've actually been here about a month and as usual it's always pretty busy when we first arrive, This year we had the wedding of one of my sons' (both of them actually) friends to get back for. My youngest son Mitch was officiating and my granddaughter was the flower girl. They both did a great job and it was fun seeing Adam and Crystal start their married life together. It's hard to believe all those boys who were in and out of my house all those years are now grown men. Guess that means I'm getting older too.

The week of the wedding was even busier as friends of ours from Omaha were in town and we were able to squeak breakfast in with them. We love getting to see Judi and Al. John and Al always entertain us with us with stories from their early years at Rockwell. Hopefully we will get to see them again this summer. The downside of that same weekend was the passing of another friend of ours that John worked with at Rockwell for many years. We were so sad to hear about Steve Blair's passing and we were able to get to the visitation and give his wife Jenny a hug. I think it's another reminder that we are getting older and need to cherish every day we have.

Crystal & Adam & Evie
We haven't done too much since then as far as recreation. We have gotten together with friends, celebrated John and Evie's birthdays, which was fun. My friend Trudy turned 60 (I get to be younger than her for a little over a month) and we spent her day eating and shopping in Kalona and then back to eat some more with her family. The Woods clan feels like family for us too. 
She did a great job!

We've some time with Evie but it doesn't feel like enough. We are trying to set up a day where we pick her up mid afternoon from daycare and then Mitch and his girlfriend Jen join us for dinner. It worked out well last week so I hope we can continue it. We are enjoying getting to know Jen too. They started dating about the time we left last year so it has been great to meet and get to know her. 

We just got a question from Ray and Wendy about the flooring and remodle we have done on our rig. Our intention was always to do a blog about all that but it never got done. John is just now finishing all the trim. He promised that once that is complete we will take some more photos and he will blog about all that. I'm going to hold him to that so look for that in the near future. Included in that remodle is a new refrigerator, our old one quit and we found a residential one that with a little help fit. It's always something but that's life and I'm happy with my new fridge.

I do have a favor to ask of all my RVer friends. John and I are going to go to Yellowstone and the Tetons this fall. Staying in the park isn't really an option as we do need at least electric hookups. If you have any suggestions of places outside the park plese let me know. I am looking now but need all the help I can get.

Happy Trails............................


  1. Evie is so cute. Bummer about your fridge, but how great you were able to find a residential to fit the space. We went to Yellowstone years ago and stayed in the RV campground inside Yellowstone for a week. They had electric sites. They weren't anything special, but it is such a huge park, so it was nice to stay inside. We only did a day trip to the Tetons. It was amazingly beautiful. Definitely high on my list to go back and spend a little more time there. Have a great summer. Any chance you'll be making a trip to Wisconsin this summer?

  2. You have been pretty busy this last month. Love the wedding photos and especially the ones of Evie, she is a real sweetheart!

    Have you tried looking at the Boondockers Welcome website? Sometimes the hosts will supply electricity.

  3. Gros Ventre campground in the Tetons actually has some nice sites with hookups now. It's a great location for seeing wildlife without even leaving the campground, and not far from Jackson Hole.


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