The flamingo

So what's with the pink flamingo? Well, we thought a green one would be too weird. Besides, they only come in pink.
The flamingo has been hanging around in the backyard of our last house for years. It got planted in the backyard after the boys and I decided it would be the perfect Mother's day gift. Apparently Janie thought so too, because when it came time to downsize from the house to the apartment, it made the cut. That was after Gabe put in a bid for it. Popular bird for something I thought was destined for the landfill (even the recycling center wouldn't take it).
So the bird was moved to the apartment and even made the short list of things we would have to take with us in the RV. Light weight, quiet, no batteries, and it stays outside when we're parked. The perfect traveling companion.

Janie: I just needed to tell you the year I got the flamingo, John had convinced the kids that this flamingo was the end all and their mommy would be soooo excited. Now he knew very well that yard art is one of my least favorite things, for a week the kids kept telling me how this year they had the best Mother's day gift ever. That day I opened this large very light weight box and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a pink flamingo on a stick. I looked at John who was smirking and exclaimed it was the best gift I could have gotten. Immediately we had to go out and put it in the garden. Funny how over the years I would look out in my garden and darned if that pink flamingo didn't remind me each day of my beautiful little boys and my ornery husband. So today it may be just a pink piece of plastic but it is one of my most prized possesions.


  1. You should be proud of that one lone flamingo although as far as yard art goes I find flamingos unexciting. But still it is one point.

    I have two gnomes, which I detest but were given to me by my kids therefore I adore them.


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