Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
When those lights show up in your rear-view mirror, you know you’re busted. But this time, I had no idea why. Honest officer.
Turns out my window tint was too dark for the front side windows. I didn’t even know there were laws about how dark my window tint should be. Since I bought if from a dealer, I figured maybe the officer was ticketing the wrong guy. Turns out I was wrong. There aren’t any laws about selling a truck with front side windows that are tinted too dark, just about driving that truck. That was me. I was driving the truck, so I was busted. I was a criminal. It would cost me $80.25 and I would need to remove the tint. The officer even offered up some tips on how to do that involving ammonia. Of course, I Googled it and he was right on all counts. My window tint was not only illegal in Iowa, but in every state of the union. To remove it, you should spray it with concentrated ammonia. I don’t think so.
The tint is actually a film that comes off in one piece. The glue was a couple of hours with a razor blade and WD40. Everyone but Google knows that to dissolve adhesive, you use WD40, not ammonia. Especially not undiluted ammonia.
I sent my payment in by mail, because I was guilty. The actual fine for the tint was $15. Court costs were $60, and the state of Iowa attached a surcharge of $5.25 for being a criminal. That’s me. I’m a criminal. Or I was, because now my windows are legal. The truck is not as cool looking, or as cool on a sunny day, but I suppose at night I can see better. Works for me. Still, next time, I’m driving around the town of Independence.


  1. Any way for them to make a buck...LOL! Hey Arizona sold me a brand new F350 dually with NO mud flaps yet they're required here in our state. Guess how "I" know??? Yep! I was a criminal at one time...complete nonsense I tell ya. All we can do now is laugh...ha ha ha!


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