The time line for the cruise is already getting blurred in my mind. I remember Glacier Bay National Park. Did you know we have a national park that is a huge bay surrounded by glaciers? It even has park rangers who were nice enough to join the cruise (they tool around in their own boat) while we were in the park. Most nights we dressed for dinner and had our picture taken. Part of the entertainment is to get your picture taken by the ship’s photographers and then try to find your picture among hundreds of others the next day when they were posted on these big boards. There were also live bands, comedians, gambling (when the ship is at sea, and you can gamble with your ship credit card) and just hanging around the ship kept us entertained. We were having a great time, but still welcomed the chance to get back on land when the ship docked for the first time at Skagway.
Skagway, as you might expect for a cruise ship port, has a lot of tourist shops, restaurants and bars. I understand the shops, but why would a bunch of tourists who have already paid for all they can eat onboard the ship immediately head for the restaurants when they get off? Maybe they were thirsty. We found a microbrewery at the end of the street with a long line waiting for tables but we were able to get a couple of seats at the bar right away. Perfect. The local beer was great, and a good change from the ship which only has beer in bottles (I wonder why that is?).
We checked out the salmon trying to swim up every stream in sight, even the ones that didn’t appear to have enough water for such a big fish. It’s an amazing sight, and the weather was great for walking around gawking at the salmon and acting like tourists. We heard it would be raining for sure in Ketchikan.


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