A Beautiful Hike

Lake Berryesa

Sunday John and I finally took the time to hike the hills near our campground. We had heard there was a five mile loop that had a trailhead just a short way up the road, close enough to walk to the trailhead. We got to the map of the trails and the loop is called the Blue Ridge Trail loop, 5 miles and listed as difficult. Now many of the tails we have taken that were listed as difficult we would consider as moderate so we decided we were up to the task and took off. In the case of this trail - difficult means difficult. It may be the most challenging trail we have hiked to date. 
Lake Berryessa

The climb up is pretty steady and steep for about 2 miles, some stairs and switchback. The stairs at times were the height of 2 steps and for my short little legs they became difficult after the first 50 or so (I didn’t count but I’m sure there were at least that many). After we finally reached the top of the first peak we looked out to see we would have some downhill and then up again to another peak and after that one another. The hardest parts near the top.There we are walking and climbing over rocks and some on very narrow paths with steep drop offs. One area I realized I needed to keep my eyes on the rock trail and not look out - my anxiety for heights was definitely at peak alert. I did survive it and the rewards were the views from the top. On one side there were wonderful views of Lake Berryessa and on the other views of the valley all the way to Winters and if you looked way out it the distance the white capped Sierra’s were visible.
Putah Creek, our campground is visible 
The downhill was not as steep but by this time our legs were pretty tired. I need new hiking boots and my toes were taking a beating at the front of my boots. Were happy when we finally reached the bottom trail head and had only a short distance to go to get back home (almost 4 hours later). Our legs are still recovering, my calves hurt the most from that uphill climb. I’m still glad we took the hike.

Rain has come to our little valley and we are expecting significant rains in the next week. I may even get another blog in as library time may sound very good if I’m stuck at home inside during the days. Two blogs in a week - I’m amazed. 

Happy Trails...........................


  1. Now that's our kind of hike! Beautiful!

  2. well worth the journey it appears...

  3. I can't even imagine that kind of hike. Walking on flat land is such a challenge for me. But you're right - the views from the top are spectacular.

  4. Wow you two! That was an awesome post. I don't know if I could do 4 miles without a motor under me. Lol Glad you are happy & having fun. We hope to see ya soon!


  5. What a great hike! And such a sense of accomplishment when completing a difficult trail. The views were spectacular. Thanks for sharing! I heard about the rains on the west coast on the news. Reminds me of December of 2010 when it rained 6 days straight while we were near San Diego and we got trapped in the campground. Sure hope you have a better outcome :)

  6. Good for you guys! Not sure how I could manage uphill stuff, so outta shape for that stuff. It is worth the view!

  7. It sounds like a great hike but the downhill with boots that are pressing against your toes sounds very uncomfortable. I'm afraid I would be gimpy afterwards from that. Glad you were able to get away and enjoy nature.


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