Busy Month

Lake Berryessa, just across the dam from us
I know it has been too long since my last post so I think I am going to do several posts to catch up and post them gradually this week when I am in town.  We actually have been really busy. When we first arrived here I was really worried about keeping busy since there really isn’t any specific work for me but that hasn’t been an issue. John has been working more than his 24 hours a week so we are banking some hours for other days off. He is part of the maintenance crew and they are doing lots of renovation projects around the park. I think he likes the work and is enjoying the guys he works with. He works 6-8 hours a day Tuesday to Friday.

One of the all ways in our haunted house
The week before Halloween we all worked to put together a haunted house for the kids. It was a lot of fun and I learned that I was a great screamer, I don’t scream very often so it was a surprise to me. John manned a chainsaw (chain removed). He started the saw and I started screaming, it was pretty effective. We don’t usually get into Halloween so this was fun. The kids also trick or treated through out the park.

We had another nice surprise when friends of ours Tom and Donna Clapham came to visit for a night. We got to see them in Bend OR awhile back and they were just passing through. Went in town for dinner and had a wonderful time. Donna sat and helped me with my knitting, on something I was stuck on. She also showed me all the wonderful projects she had knitted for a store in Portland for their displays. They were beautiful and she gave me one as a gift, I can’t tell you how surprised I was. It is beautiful and wonderful as a wrap on cool nights. Thank you Donna.
Isn't it beautiful!

Speaking of knitting, I am really enjoying my class. The rest of the class is doing a blanket project while I work on a hat for John. Even though I am not doing their project I am learning a lot about how patterns are written and how to read charts. I’ve almost finished the hat, when I get it done I’ll have John model it for you. I have been really lucky with the help from Donna and we added a work camping couple and Jan is a long time knitter so when I get stuck or don’t understand she has been there to help me. I have tried to learn on my own before and was never successful but now with the class and help from these great ladies I may actually get the hang of this.

I have some other things to write about: a trip to Travis AF Base, a short visit to Napa, farmers markets, fellow work campers and possibilities in Oregon for February and March.
Our campground Halloween cat - Baby, he's not very scary and fun to have around

I’ll also have a happy event to report on - my son is coming for a business trip to Livermore CA, just an hour and a half away! We are going to use some of that accrued time to take Tuesday off and meet him for dinner. Now that is a happy day!!

Happy trials............................  


  1. You guys really have been busy! This week we've been socializing with the Carolina Clan, I haven't had much time to do anything :) We leave tomorrow, so I think it'll slow down a bit!

  2. That wrap is gorgeous. And how fun that you'll be seeing your son. That is really great news.

  3. Beautiful header photo! Keeping busy is usually a sign you're having a pretty good time - glad to hear it.

  4. So glad to hear everything is going so well. We sure miss you guys at Amazon. I've done some knitting, but I never really took to it so much. I like quilting much better. Good thing there are lots of choices for everyone. I'm glad you have friends to help with your projects.

  5. Always better to be too busy to write than too bored:)

  6. What a nice write up on the shawl and our lovely visit. We are settling in at Hemet, CA as planned. Going on a 3 week "car road trip" to visit loved ones. We didn't taken a "vacation" from the stressful fulltime lifestyle this year, so off we go!!!! What a life we lead! Hugs, Tom and Donna

  7. Glad to hear that you two are settling. Your talk about knitting has made me decide to pick up the sweater I had begun knitting last year. I love your wrap; the colors are so vibrant.


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