Another year flew by......

On the drive to Chico to meet up with friends New Years Eve

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been thinking about writing a year in review post. I think sitting still gives me writers block but tonight I want to get this written so tomorrow when I go into town I can get it uploaded. That has been a bit of an obstacle too. Our connection to the internet here at the park has improved a little after they added a new router but they are on a satellite system right now with data limits. So I do get on and read email and Facebook and sometimes blogs too but I don’t download or upload anything. 
Jeff and Sheryl Bright on New Years Eve

New Years Eve dinner in Chico

So where did we go in 2012? Texas (Austin, Port O’conner, Galveston, Houston, Rockport), New Mexico (Elephant Butte, Navajo Lake & Albuquerque), Arizona (Winslow, Grand Canyon, & Sedona), Colorado (Durango, Colorado Springs & Loveland), Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota (Mitchell, Custer Park & Mt. Rushmore), Wyoming (Sheridan), Idaho (Lake Pend Orellies), Montana (Missoula), Washington (Spokane and the Tri-city area), Oregon (Bend, Diamond Lake, Crater Lake, Harrisburg and Valley of the Rogue), and northern California (Lake Siskiyou, Redding, Winters, Sonoma, Napa, San Jose, Livermore, Davis, Vacaville, Fairfield & Sacramento).  I’m sure I missed a few spots.  I was suprised when I sat down and looked at the map with how may places we actually had been.

It was time filled with meeting up with friends old and new, and family along the way. We saw our oldest son get married and our youngest letting us know we are expecting our first grandchild. What a wild ride and a wonderful year.

So what’s on the horizon? We finish up here in California at the end of the month and will head to the coast. We will follow the coast up and hopefully spend a month at Heceta Lighthouse and then on to Bellingham, Washington to visit family. Then it will be the fast track back to Iowa to be there when our first grandchild enters the world in May.
After that we may head north along the shores of Lake Superior once again this time with friends Jeff and Sheryl, and not sure from there. We are contemplating doing the east coast and down to Florida for the winter & maybe finding a work camping  job there. We will leave those decisions until much later but if you know me, I like having a basic plan even if it changes completely along the way. It always helps me to have a framework, even if as we say that framework is made in “jello”. 

So all in all a great year in 2012 and looking ahead to a great year in 2013. It will be an extra special year because, wait for it..................................a new GRANDDAUGHTER!
Just got that news yesterday after their latest ultrasound. I am from a family of men. I have 3 brothers, and then got married and had 2 sons and over the years about 8 hockey sons. So I have been surrounded by men most of my life. I am so excited because now because there are women coming into my life. First Melissa and now Emily and a granddaughter. What an incredible blessing. I am thinking pink already, I have knitting class tomorrow and will be looking at yarn for a blanket in pink.

I hope everyone is enjoying 2013 already!
Naomi, my most excellent Knitting instructor!
Knitting at Steady Eddy's
Well I'm sitting at the library getting ready to post this and thought I'd add a little. Had fun at knitting today, it was cold at the store so we all headed up to Steady Eddy's for coffee and warm place to knit. This group is the the thing I will miss when we leave here. It is a fun group of woman and I have learned so much from my instructor Naomi. Since I started this class in October I have knitted 12 hats, 4 scarves, 1 baby blanket, 3 hand warmers, & one cowl. Now when I sit in front of the tv I feel like I have to have some knitting in my hands. I think I'm addicted. I did pick up the yarn for a pretty pink blanket for the coming granddaughter and of course I will have to make a few hats and maybe a few headbands too. I'm combing the online sites for ideas. This is going to be so much fun. Well time to get this posted.
Naomi and me with my first baby blanket. :)

Happy Trails......


  1. A new granddaughter. That is so neat. We have four sons and so far only have granddaughters. Sounds like you have a wonderful year of travel planned. Be safe.

  2. How wonderful you're going to have a granddaughter. I'm so excited for you!! Sounds like you guys are having a great winter. Maybe we'll see you if you swing through Wisconsin this summer.

  3. So glad you had a great year. It's fun looking back and seeing where you traveled over the past year, I know it is like that with us too! Looks like you will have lots to look forward in 2013. Enjoy it, I know you will.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Congratulations on the first female to come! I have two sons as well, and someday maybe I'll get a granddaughter :)

  5. Congratulations on the granddaughter news! I see many knitted items by grandma in her future. Hope you are staying warm. It has been very chilly here. I heard on the news yesterday that San Diego has been 20 degrees cooler than Chicago!

  6. I still have not done a year 1 recap... or year 2... We are approaching the end of year 3 now. Hmm... maybe someday.


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