San Francisco

Our first view of the city from the ferry

This weekend we finally made it to San Francisco. This is the one last trip we wanted to make before leaving this area. There are still many other things to do here but we will leave them for next time. I think we put this off because we really didn’t want to drive into the city, but after looking at alternatives we found out about the bay ferry. There is a terminal in Vallejo which is just about 35 miles from us. There is free parking until March and it stops at the Ferry Building near the financial district and at Fisherman’s Wharf. A day pass was $24 each. This is a wonderful way to go into the city. The ferry ride is very comfortable with nice views and takes about an hour. In the winter the schedule is a little different so fewer departure times. We left at 10 am and returned at 8pm (last departure from the ferry building is 7pm).

Lots of seafood at the Wharf

Street performer
The weather was almost perfect. We needed jackets in the morning and evening but the afternoon was sunshine and high 60s. Our plan was to go all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf and then walk, ending up at the Ferry Building for the ferry back. Fisherman’s Wharf is a fun area. We arrived and found one of the many places serving fish. It was so beautiful out we just got lunch to go and sat out in the beautiful sunshine near the water to eat. From there we worked our way over to Ghiraridelli Square stopping at the National Park visitor center for the Golden Gate Bridge and National Bay area Seashore. Got my passport stamps and enjoyed all the exhibits on the area. Of course we needed to stop for a little of the chocolate too - they were giving out samples so yippee it was free! Saved money there so we could stop at the local Irish Pub for a pint, only $7 each--ouch!

The visitors center

A swim in the bay anyone?

Golden Gate Bridge

Can't beat  the chocolate

The cable car station is very close to the square and who could come to San Francisco without taking the cable car? Looking at the map we decided to take a ride to Union Square and then it would be an easy walk to the Ferry Building when we were ready. The ride is a blast. I’m glad I wasn’t walking up all those hills. I also love all the apartment buildings. If I lived in a city I would want to live in places like this close to everything --no driving. Union Square is a busy place, we had forgotten how busy big cities are. We walked around marveling at all the people and buildings. The longer we are on the road the less we enjoy all that craziness. Since we really don’t shop much anymore it didn’t take to long to be ready to walk back to the Ferry Building. 
memorial at Union Square



In order to get there we had to walk through the financial district. The high rises here are huge and I can’t help but think about all this extravagance and how these companies brought us to the edge of a financial collapse that we still haven’t fully recovered from. 
Back at the Ferry Building we enjoyed all the vendors outside selling their wares and had more fun in the shops. Unique items throughout with lots of food mixed in. We picked out another seafood restaurant for dinner and enjoyed the great fresh seafood. John had a fish stew that had a little bit of everything in it. 
love these apartments

Golden Gate Bridge

More apartments I'd love

Ferry Building
The sun was going down and we still had an hour until out ferry arrived so I took advantage of the evening light and sunset to play with my camera, haven’t done that in awhile.

All in all, a great day.  There definitely is a lot to see and do in this area and we are glad we had the opportunity to do some of it. Just 2 weeks left and we will be on the road again.

Happy Trails...............................................


  1. Great pictures. I think if you looked at the prices of those apartments, you'd reconsider :) We spent a long weekend in San Francisco in October, 2004 and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Where are you headed next?

  2. San Fran is one cool city... lots to see, lots to do... but not cheap!

  3. We love SF.....we've been several times. Are you coming our way (Hemet,CA)? Have fun!

  4. Glad you got to get into the city. I really love SF. We got to spend a day there when we were here for the wedding a year ago. We will still go there one day while we're still in the area.

  5. Brings back nice memories of a day trip into SanFran a long time ago ... need to go back and explore it some more.

  6. Sounds like you had a fabulous day in San Fran....brings back memories of our visit...years and years ago! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  7. San Francisco is a fabulous city. Too bad it is so darn expensive. Glad you had the chance to spend some time there. Where to next?

  8. Wow, Janie those are some beautiful pictures. Can't wait to be on the road and see these places you take pictures of. Thanks for sharing!

  9. How did I miss this post?? We were wondering if you did the trip. Looks like a good time.


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