What would Scooby do?

The beach from the trail.
While we were at Bullards Beach, the truck got a little boo-boo on its front bumper. Just a little scratch but John loves his truck so much that even a little scratch is traumatic. So how does John fix a boo-boo? Well, he puts a bandaid on it, a really big bandaid that says “what would Scooby do?” Some might call it a bumper sticker.  The best part is that saying is now becoming a mantra for him.
Heceta Head Lighthouse

We have moved into our new work camping gig at Heceta Head Lighthouse just north of Florence, Oregon. We are staying at Carl G. Wasbburne State park. The lighthouse is part of the park. So here we are again with no cell service (even though yesterday I had some fleeting moments of 1X service) and we can’t get the dish to lock on even though we’ve been told others have done it in this site, they even showed us where but so far no luck. Thats ok, its only a month and we can walk or drive down to the day use area and have a good signal and we can get cell service at the lighthouse.  We’ve ordered a new mifi system from Millenicom with 20gig of data that should arrive on Wednesday so if we are creative we will have internet some too. We have learned we can do without a lot of things for a short period of time. 

Lighthouse from the trail
Yesterday we took a hike on the trail that goes from the park to the lighthouse. It is 3 miles long and we were considering walking to work and back when we can but we had been told that parts of the trail are very muddy right now so we wanted to check it out. I mean really as John said “what would Scooby do?” The first half of the trail is in great shape but once it crosses the highway and gets closer to the ocean it starts getting much wetter. We got to one spot that was a fairly long stretch and the only choice is thru the mud, no dry border or places to land that weren’t mud, so do we turn around? Nope, John says “what would Scooby do?” In John’s opinion Scooby would slog thru the mud and so did we. I hope you are getting the picture here. Now when we come to a crossroads I guess we’ll do like Scooby. John thinks that means taking on the adventure but I think he forgets that Scooby was a big fraidy-cat too so I’ll have to remind him of that when the situation call for it. 
The oil house where the displays are

Today was our first day at work. We will be three days on and three days off. The lighthouse has been undergoing a massive renovation and the tower is still not open to the public. The outside is completely finished and is now visible with scaffolding gone and I think once the alarms are all set they will be taking the fencing down around it too. From what we understand the inside is basically finished as well except for a couple electrical things and a few mechanical issues with the lens. They haven’t set a date for reopening it for tours but I think it may be open before the summer season. We are hoping to get a look at the inside before we leave. Our job is pretty easy since there are no tours. They have one of the oil houses set up with several displays and a presentation on the renovation, we just fill in any of the information people are interested in. Hanging out at a lighthouse and answering questions and some littler patrol so really an easy assignment. The only issues we could have will be weather related. It rained hard the first 2 days we were here but yesterday the sun came out and it was beautiful again today. Tomorrow there is 100% chance of showers so we will get a chance to see what its like up there in less than perfect weather.
From the Lighthouse looking towards the sea lion caves

Today we also got to watch a group of sea lions playing by the rocks just off the shore. They were too far away for any good photos but with the binoculars that are at the oil house it was fun to watch. We were told that last night a group of whales were spotted out this way too. March is when the migrating whales begin to be seen again in the area so we will certainly be watching for them.  I’m not sure when I’ll get this posted so I may be adding to it... time will tell. 

Happy Trails........................ 


  1. What a fun job! Lighthouses are the coolest things, and there are so many of them to see. I'm not sure I would do everything Scooby would :)

  2. We love Washburne but with all the trees, I can see why you can't lock onto a satellite or get cell service. Sure wish the state parks would put wifi in - I know...dream on!! Nice shots of the beach and the lighthouse.

  3. What a beautiful area to be in for a month, have fun

  4. Hope you get into the tower before you have to leave. We were disappointed that Heceta was shrouded when we were there but we thought it was now open to the public.


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