Good Bye Heceta Head

A perfect day to say good bye

This morning we left our beautiful spot at Washburn Park and headed north. Tonight we are at a no frills RV Park in Vancouver, WA. Its just an overnight on our way to Bellingham WA to visit family. 

Our last two days of volunteering at the lighthouse were near perfect days. In fact Sunday was sunshine and 60s. There were lots of whales on the horizons. One even entertained us with some sky-hopping, where they stick there heads out of the water. he also did a lot of waving his fin. It was fun to watch. They are far enough out you need binoculars but we had those and a spotting scope. What a treat.

We also said goodbye to a couple fellow volunteers this week. They are both local volunteers that were there on about half of our days. Harlan would show up on Sundays and Jean showed up on and off. They both were delightful and we learned so much from them as they shared their knowledge of the lighthouse. Jean is particularly passionate about the lighthouse and you could tell her enthusiasm was infectious to the people who visited.

I also thought I’d share just some random photos of things we have seen in our time here. Like the Banana Slug. John so wanted to see one of these when we were in the Redwoods but it took until one morning on our way up the trail for us to spot one. 
Banana Slug


tide pool

Dead crab

Kite flying on a great day at the beach

So its on to visit family for a week and then we will make our way to Iowa. It is nice to be back connected. I can check my cell phone, get online and watch tv all at the same time. Even John (my non tv guy) had to admit it was nice watching tv tonight. Hope everyone had a good Easter too. We actually had lost track and didn’t realize it was Easter weekend until Saturday. Now that’s out of touch. :)

Happy Trails..................


  1. I sure would have enjoyed that whale watching. Welcome back to connectivity. :)

  2. Welcome back to the land of technology. But what a wonderful experience you've had. Being able to watch the whales would be so much fun.

  3. I'm sorry Joe and I didn't get over to the coast to meet you before we left. Happy and safe travels to you as you head North. Joe's kids live in Redmond and Auburn and my sister lives in Bonney Lake and Works in Puyallup.:)

  4. It sounds like you had the greatest time, Janie! This is definitely on Max and I's Bucket List. We're getting close to hitting the road--June 1! If we can only get through these next two months and the endless To Do List! :) Stay safe out there and enjoy your family!


  5. Safe travels to Iowa. We found out that the fish hatchery we are working at in June needs somebody for the month of May as well. We want to do some things in CA during the month of May, so are passing on it. Too bad you guys aren't available!

  6. Sounds like a great day! Working and watching whales sounds like a great combo!

  7. Super photos, Janie! It seems like you just got to this location!

  8. Great photos! We'll be up that way early next week and I'm really looking forward to seeing that lighthouse.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on the OR coast. Hope to see you both this summer!

  10. What a great opportunity you have had volunteering at the lighthouse. Your photo's are great. Safe travels!


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