Betty's is a blast!

So when we left Mississippi I thought I had decided not to go to Betty’s but the closer we got the more I knew if I didn’t call and at least see if she had a spot for the 4 days we had I would regret it. So when we got to the Passport America Park at Duson LA (Frog City) I gave her a call and we were lucky as someone was leaving early so a spot had opened up. Yea!!!!

This is Betty's porch where all the happy hour fun happens

Now if you know about Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, Louisiana, then you know you are in for a treat. This was our first time there but many friends have been there and given us the scoop. The park itself is a scattering of FHU sites around Betty’s home and many people that come are sure when they pull in that they will only stay a night and why is it people rave about this place. Well I will tell you why: it is Betty and her hospitality as well as the welcoming hospitality of all who stay here.  She helps you get parked and as soon as you are set up fellow RVers begin coming out to greet you and everyone wants to make sure you know that happy hour is at 4:30. It really only takes one happy hour to make you see what the buzz is all about. A more welcoming place, I don’t think you’ll find one. We knew our time would be short but let me tell you next I’ll have a reservations and definitely stay longer. An added treat to our stay was that John and Sharon that we had just gotten together with in Ft. Walton Beach were already there when we got there so more good times with friends. They were smarter than I and had scheduled 2 weeks at Betty’s and as of writing this I think they extended their stay even longer because they are having so much fun. 

During our time there we visited a couple of the local eateries. The first one was the Villager Cafe. This place is a very local cafe and the specialty is their Poor Boys. Now we had had a Poor Boy before and really weren’t that impressed but this place turned that around. We shared a shrimp one and it was yummy. Then on Friday we went to Suier’s Grocery and Restaurant. It is actually a counter inside an old fashioned grocery store in Kaplan. This is a unique place and they have daily lunch specials and that day I had the Turtle Picante with a piece of fried catfish. Definitely unique and more food than one person should need to eat.
Betty and Seline

The Poison Ivy is leafing
We also visited Palmetto Island state park with John and Sharon. It was a beautiful day for a hike, though a little muddy on some of the trails. It was especially enjoyable as John is a wildlife biologist. He spotted a water snake sunning away, a leopard frog, alligators, turtles, lots of fun birds and numerous plants including a summary on how to spot poison ivy. It’s not everyday you get to hike with a wildlife biologist.

Alligators on the shore

The two Johns trying to read a trail map, are we lost?

We had to leave before the weekend so we missed out on all the fun music but know that the next time through I plan on doing it all. Even with just a few days we are so glad we went and like most people who meet Betty we look forward to seeing her again.

Leopard Frog
The reason our time was short was we had a rendezvous with my good friend Trudy, her husband Mike and their son Matthew at Lake Livingston TX.  Matthew is on spring break so they were stopping to spend time with us before continuing on to Galveston and then back to spend a couple more days with us. They had a very long drive but arrived late Saturday evening after driving through lots of rain. The campground looked like a lake but we found two spots together. 
John and Trudy

A rough day on Lake Livingston.

The next day was fun just catching up. Monday they headed to Galveston and we made a plan to meet up at the Houston Space Center on Thursday. This is getting long so I will save the Houston Space center for another post. I am handing that one over to John as it is right up his ally.

Happy Trails...........................


  1. I've read about Betty's but we've never had the chance to stay there. Everybody always talks about how friendly it is. I'm looking forward to the Space Center post.

  2. After hearing all the good things about Betty's one of these days we are going to head there.

  3. Glad you got to experience Betty's! We really loved it last year when we were there. I think we'll go again this next January after Amazon.

  4. I wasn't sure Betty's would be for us but after reading so many posts from others, we just might need to reconsider. So glad you two are finally getting some good weather.

  5. good to hear from you two... was going to post about the state park in a catch up blog before we leave... yes we did add 4 days but will leave in the morning...

  6. We tried too late to get into Betty's, but did stay at Palmetto Island State Park and just loved it. Take care and be safe out there.

  7. Thanks, for the info on Betty's park. I'm so inspired. I'm adding it to my places to stay. :)


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